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With well over 70,000 Paint Colors, 950 Paint Brands and 2200 Lines of Paint, this Art-Paints website was made to exhibit Paints and Colors from all across the Globe, put them all into one convenient spot and showcase all the different Paint types available for all kinds of Artists. The Paint Colors that are listed here show Color Samples, related Hues, HTML Hex Color Codes, RGB Color Codes, CMYK Color Codes as well as the Paint Brand, Paint Line and Paint Name of each and every individual Artist Paint and Color. Enjoy the Paints, Art Paint Colors, Paint Manufacturers and all the ROYGBIV Color Code Charts and of course, Welcome to Wonderful World of Paints!

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Art Books Under The Christmas Tree

With Christmas fast approaching, choosing the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list is high on your to-do list. When it comes to getting creative, you’ll find a wealth of art instruction books that will delight every budding Picasso. So put your Santa Hat on and let's dive into Books that are perfect for the Artist... Daily Painting Daily Painting: Paint Small And Often To Become A More Creative, Productive, And Successful Artist by Carol Marine ASIN: 0770435335 This book should be on every artist’s bookshelf. Whether you’re a watercolorist, oil painter or acrylic artist, you’ll… [Read more...]

Watercolor Paper – Which Type Is Right?

When you’re a beginning artist, there’s so much to learn and remember that it’s a bit overwhelming. One common problem for a beginning watercolor student is deciding on which type of paper to use. With watercolor, the support you choose can make a big difference in the success of your first encounters with this tricky and sometimes unpredictable medium. Choose right and you'll be an instant convert. Choose wrong, and you may never pick up a tube of watercolor again. Three Finishes, Unlimited Choices There are three major types of watercolor paper. Although artists use all kinds of… [Read more...]

Colored Pencil Gifts For Every Artist

Colored pencils are great gifts for every artist on your shopping list this year. Whether you need an extra special gift that’s the best present under the tree or a small, extra tuck-in to stuff in a stocking, you’ll find the perfect gift idea for any professional or budding artist. So grab your Santa Bag and let's begin... Crayola 50ct Long Colored Pencil Crayola 50ct Long Colored Pencils ASIN: B00000J0S3 Your littlest Picasso will love this brightly colored set of Crayola colored pencils. The package includes 50 brilliant colors and come ready-to-use with pre-sharpened tips. Crayola colored pencils… [Read more...]

Create Depth In Your Paintings

It wasn’t until the Renaissance that artists actually thought about creating depth in their paintings. Until that time almost all paintings portrayed holy figures and little attention was given to the background. These icons, however beautiful, were flat and one dimensional. If you find your paintings seem flat and lacking the depth you envision, don’t despair. It’s not your lack of talent that’s keeping your paintings from looking as though you could step into them and march away to the horizon. There’s several tricks and techniques those Renaissance masters developed that will have your paintings looking almost as… [Read more...]

Holiday Crafts For Kids

The holidays are fast approaching, and it's time to dig out that bag of tricks to keep the kids occupied and help them get into the holiday spirit. Whether your children want to help festoon your home with fun and fanciful decorations or they've decided to make gifts for all the family, there’s a wealth of books to help you and them get ready for holidays. DIY Crafts Guide For Kids DIY Crafts Guide For Kids: Easy And Fun Holiday Patterns And Projects For All Ages by Craftzy ASIN: B00P1OHSY6 This Kindle edition has lots of crafts for… [Read more...]

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Let's talk about Color! Color appeals to Artists and makes us want to Paint. Color is all about Theory, Wheels, Relationships, Recipes and Planning!


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This site has over 70,000 Paint Colors listed! That's a ton of Paints! There are some Popular Brands, and some not so known! You have to try them all!


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