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With well over 70,000 Paint Colors, 950 Paint Brands and 2200 Lines of Paint, this Art-Paints website was made to exhibit Paints and Colors from all across the Globe, put them all into one convenient spot and showcase all the different Paint types available for all kinds of Artists. The Paint Colors that are listed here show Color Samples, related Hues, HTML Hex Color Codes, RGB Color Codes, CMYK Color Codes as well as the Paint Brand, Paint Line and Paint Name of each and every individual Artist Paint and Color. Enjoy the Paints, Art Paint Colors, Paint Manufacturers and all the ROYGBIV Color Code Charts and of course, Welcome to Wonderful World of Paints!

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Painted Pumpkin Halloween Ideas

You don't need to get out the paring knife and get the kitchen all messy cleaning out and carving a pumpkin. There are loads of fun and easy painted pumpkin ideas that are safe for little hands and a lot more creative than the standard Jack o'Lantern fare you'll see on most porches and doorways. As an added bonus, painted pumpkins will last from two to three months in outdoor temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or about a month at room temperature. Choose Your Favorite Pumpkin And Create There are about 30 varieties of pumpkins from which to… [Read more...]

Face Painting Fun For Halloween

Face paint is a fun way to complete your child's Halloween costume, and it ensures your little one has unrestricted sight while he's out trick or treating. It's also a great activity for older kids; they can do their own painting or paint each other's faces. You may want to get in on the fun as well with your own unique painted creation! Halloween Party Activity Depending on the age of the participants at your Halloween party, you may want to include face painting as one of your party activities. Older kids can paint their own spooky creations,… [Read more...]

DIY Chalk Paint For Crafts And Furniture

Crafters are always looking for the next great paint. We were thrilled when acrylic paints came out and when the prices dropped, crafters began using it on everything. It's versatility and low price make it a perfect choice for starving artists and crafters of every kind. One of the newest additions to the crafter's toolbox is chalk paint. This paint contains calcium carbonate and talc to give it a creamy, matte finish. Used for painting furniture, decorative pieces and recycling found pieces, this paint is a versatile product that's widely used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. However,… [Read more...]

Fall Kid Crafts With Paper Mache

Fall is knocking, and you know what that means, right? It's Halloween, and it's time for the kids to start making decorations. One tried and true craft kids love is paper Mache. But what a mess it makes! Floors, counters, kids, walls and every nearby object is a prime target for the sticky, wet goop. Here's a great alternative that keeps your craft area clean and all the kids busy: Paper Mache Pumpkins that are ready-made for decorating with your favorite paints and embellishments. Paper Mache Pumpkins 6 Ready To Decorate Paper Mache Pumpkins ASIN: B00ELVDV6O Factory Direct… [Read more...]

Paint Your Own Mini Tea Set

No matter how high tech toys become, one thing that's always a hit with little girls is a tea set. Hosting tea parties with favorite stuffed friends and dolls are a perennial pastime every little girl. Sure, you can find inexpensive plastic sets at the local discount toy store or heirloom porcelain tea sets that never are used, but here's an option that's creative and artistic as well as something your daughter will enjoy using every day. 4M Paint Your Own Mini Tea Set By 4M ASIN: B0019MOHAM 4M makes a wide variety of craft sets that gives… [Read more...]

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