Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

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Maybe your idea of Valentine’s Day is a romantic evening filled with roses, chocolates and a special dinner out. But kids love Valentine’s Day too, so why not spend some bonding time with your little cupids.

Plan a family fun day making decorations and gifts with these adorable and easy holiday crafts. Grandparents, teachers, and classmates will enjoy the special gesture, and it’s sure to bring a little extra love to everyone’s Valentine’s Day.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Heart Magnets Craft Kit

This fun, all-inclusive kit is perfect for little crafters four years and older. It includes four heart-shaped magnets, approximately 2-inches in diameter. Each heart is a different design, and the kit also comes with four colors of water-based acrylic paint, paintbrush, glitter glue and 12 gem stickers. Lots of fun and creativity for even the smallest crafter!

60 Piece Valentine Crafts Heart Shaped Rainbow Art

With 60 hearts to draw on, this is perfect for a Valentine’s Day party activity for the kids. Everyone can make their own unique heart, with no messy paint or clean-up.

The hearts are black scratch-paper that has a rainbow of colors just waiting for your little Picasso’s artistic rendering. Simply use the included wooden stylus to scratch out a colorful message or picture.

These charming hearts can be used for bookmarks, gift tags or hanging decorations.
Included in the package are 60 5-inch hearts, 60 hanging ribbons and 10 wooden styluses.

Valentine Cookie Foam Magnet Craft Kit

These Valentine’s Day “cookies” are great for kids of any age. You’ll receive 12 individually packaged kits with everything needed to create a 3 ½-inch magnet or decoration.

Each package includes self-adhesive foam pieces and packs of glitter. They also come with instructions and extra pieces.

There’s no gluing, painting or cutting, so it’s a pretty mess-free craft for even your youngest child. Great for parties or a snowy Saturday.

Foam Magnet Craft Cookie Kit

Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Heart Craft Kit

This charming kit has everything your little one needs to create a personalized keepsake box. The 3.1”x2.9”x1.4” heart-shaped box has a removable lid, so it’s just the right size for tiny treasures.

Included in the package are the wooden heart box, four pots of paint, paintbrush, glitter glue, 12 gem stickers and white craft glue. There’s a design pre-printed on the lid, so younger children can start painting right away.

The water-based paint dries quickly, and clean up just takes a bit of water and a paper towel if things get messy on fingers, noses or the table.

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