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Diane Townsend Soft Form

Diane Townsend Soft Form Pastel Paints

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Diane Townsend knows Pastel paints! They make a wonderful brand of paint called Diane Townsend Soft Form Pastel Colors that suits all types of artists. They strive to perfect the process of color and are one of the most popular Pastel Paint Brand companies in the world. Enjoy their entire paint brand collection from the list below. Diane Townsend makes wonderful Artists Paints that everyone is sure to enjoy! Choose an Pastel Paint Color below to view that Hue and all their great related color paints. Paint on!

Featuring - Diane Townsend Pastel Color Paints

Toluidine Red 045 PaintToluidine
Red 045
Magenta Red Dark 018D PaintMagenta Red
Dark 018D
Red Oxide 004 PaintRed
Oxide 004
Magenta Red Dark 018 PaintMagenta Red
Dark 018
Magenta Red Dark 018L PaintMagenta Red
Dark 018L
Cadmium Red Dark 016D PaintCadmium Red
Dark 016D
Cadmium Red Dark 016 PaintCadmium Red
Dark 016
Cadmium Red Medium 015D PaintCadmium Red
Medium 015D
Cadmium Red Medium 015L PaintCadmium Red
Medium 015L
Toluidine Red 045L PaintToluidine
Red 045L
Naphthol Red Light 036L PaintNaphthol Red
Light 036L
Naphthol Red Orange 038D PaintNaphthol Red
Orange 038D
Naphthol Red Sienna 039 PaintNaphthol Red
Sienna 039
Cadmium Red Light 014D PaintCadmium Red
Light 014D
Cadmium Red Light 014L PaintCadmium Red
Light 014L
Toluidine Red 045D PaintToluidine
Red 045D
Naphthol Red Medium 037D PaintNaphthol Red
Medium 037D
Naphthol Red Medium 037 PaintNaphthol Red
Medium 037
Naphthol Red Light 036 PaintNaphthol Red
Light 036
Cadmium Red Medium 015 PaintCadmium Red
Medium 015
Cadmium Red Light 014 PaintCadmium Red
Light 014
Naphthol Red Orange 038 PaintNaphthol Red
Orange 038
Tan 106 PaintTan
Cadmium Orange Dark 022D Paint Cad Orange
Dark 022D
Cadmium Red Orange 023D PaintCadmium Red
Orange 023D
Cadmium Red Orange 023 PaintCadmium Red
Orange 023
Cadmium Red Orange 023L PaintCadmium Red
Orange 023L
Cadmium Orange 022L PaintCadmium
Orange 022L
Naphthol Red Orange 038L PaintNaphthol Red
Orange 038L
Violet Orange Pale 108 PaintViolet Orange
Pale 108
Light Orange Dark 076D PaintLight Orange
Dark 076D
Light Orange 076 PaintLight
Orange 076
Light Orange 076L PaintLight
Orange 076L
Mars Yellow 006D PaintMars
Yellow 006D
Mars Yellow Medium 006 PaintMars Yellow
Medium 006
Mars Yellow Light 006L PaintMars Yellow
Light 006L
Hansa Yellow 049D PaintHansa
Yellow 049D
Hansa Yellow 049 PaintHansa
Yellow 049
Cadmium Yellow Deep 021D Paint Cad Yellow
Deep 021D
Chartreuse 025 PaintChartreuse
Cadmium Yellow Green 024 Paint Cad Yellow
Green 024
Chartreause Dark 025D PaintChartreause
Dark 025D
Cadmium Yellow Light 019 Paint Cad Yellow
Light 019
Cadmium Yellow Deep 021 Paint Cad Yellow
Deep 021
Cadmium Yellow Medium 020D Paint Cad Yellow
Medium 020D
Cadmium Yellow Medium 020 Paint Cad Yellow
Medium 020
Chartreuse 025L PaintChartreuse
Cadmium Yellow Light 019D Paint Cad Yellow
Light 019D
Cadmium Yellow Deep Light 021L Paint Cad Yellow
Deep Lt 021L
Cadmium Yellow Green 024D Paint Cad Yellow
Green 024D
Cadmium Yellow Green 024L Paint Cad Yellow
Green 024L
Hansa Yellow 049L PaintHansa
Yellow 049L
Cadmium Yellow Medium 020L Paint Cad Yellow
Medium 020L
Cadmium Yellow Light 019L Paint Cad Yellow
Light 019L
Pale Yellow 089 PaintPale
Yellow 089
Yellow Buff 077 PaintYellow
Buff 077
Pale Yellow 089D PaintPale
Yellow 089D
Yellow Gray 079D PaintYellow
Gray 079D
Yellow Gray 079 PaintYellow
Gray 079
Pale Yellow 089L PaintPale
Yellow 089L
Yellow Gray 079L PaintYellow
Gray 079L
Yellow Buff 077D PaintYellow
Buff 077D
Off White Yellow 080D PaintOff White
Yellow 080D
Off White Yellow 080L PaintOff White
Yellow 080L
Yellow Buff 077L PaintYellow
Buff 077L
Permanent Green Medium 027D Paint Perm Green
Medium 027D
Permanent Green Light 026D Paint Perm Green
Light 026D
Permanent Green Medium 027L Paint Perm Green
Medium 027L
Permanent Green Medium 027 Paint Perm Green
Medium 027
Permanent Green Light 026 Paint Perm Green
Light 026
Permanent Green Light 026L Paint Perm Green
Light 026L
Phthalo Green Blue 109 PaintPhthalo Green
Blue 109
Dark Mustard 060 PaintDark
Mustard 060
Dark Khaki 059 PaintDark
Khaki 059
Dark Khaki 059L PaintDark
Khaki 059L
Dark Mustard 060L PaintDark
Mustard 060L
Gray Green 071 PaintGray
Green 071
Pale Green Dark Shade 090D Paint Pale Grn Dk
Shade 090D
Metallic Green Gold Deep 606 Paint Metal Grn Gold
Deep 606
Pale Green 090 PaintPale
Green 090
Pale Green 090L PaintPale
Green 090L
Iridescent Green 503 PaintIridescent
Green 503
Gray Green 071D PaintGray
Green 071D
Gray Ochre 070 PaintGray
Ochre 070
Gray Green 071L PaintGray
Green 071L
Gray Ochre 070L PaintGray
Ochre 070L
Phthalo Green 029D PaintPhthalo
Green 029D
Midnight Green 051 PaintMidnight
Green 051
Dark Green 055 PaintDark
Green 055
Dark Green 055L PaintDark
Green 055L
Green Oxide 009D PaintGreen
Oxide 009D
Turquoise Green 033D PaintTurquoise
Green 033D
Viridian 044D PaintViridian
Dark Blue Green Light 064L Paint Dk Blue Grn
Light 064L
Green Oxide 009 PaintGreen
Oxide 009
Permanent Green Deep 028D Paint Perm Green
Deep 028D
Permanent Green Deep 028L Paint Perm Green
Deep 028L
Green Oxide 009L PaintGreen
Oxide 009L
Phthalo Green Light 029L PaintPhthalo Green
Light 029L
Viridian 044L PaintViridian
Turquoise Green 033L PaintTurquoise
Green 033L
Green Blue Light 047L PaintGreen Blue
Light 047L
Turquoise Green 033 PaintTurquoise
Green 033
Blue Green 046D PaintBlue
Green 046D
Dark Blue Green 064 PaintDark Blue
Green 064
Green Blue 047D PaintGreen
Blue 047D
Green Blue 047 PaintGreen
Blue 047
Ultra Blue Black 054L PaintUltra Blue
Black 054L
Ultramarine Blue 011D PaintUltramarine
Blue 011D
Ultramarine Blue 011 PaintUltramarine
Blue 011
Blue Green 046 PaintBlue
Green 046
Blue Green 046L PaintBlue
Green 046L
Ultra Phthalo Blue Light 031L PaintUltra Phthalo
Blue Lt 031L
Ultramarine Blue 011L PaintUltramarine
Blue 011L
Midnight Blue 053L PaintMidnight
Blue 053L
Dark Blue 063D PaintDark
Blue 063D
Midnight Blue 053D PaintMidnight
Blue 053D
Prussian Blue 035D PaintPrussian
Blue 035D
Midnight Blue Green 050L PaintMidnight Blue
Green 050L
Ultra Blue Black 054 PaintUltra Blue
Black 054
Midnight Blue 053 PaintMidnight
Blue 053
Prussian Blue 035 PaintPrussian
Blue 035
Prussian Blue 035L PaintPrussian
Blue 035L
Turquoise Dark 032D PaintTurquoise
Dark 032D
Phthalo Blue 030 PaintPhthalo
Blue 030
Ultra Phthalo Blue 031D PaintUltra Phthalo
Blue 031D
Ultra Phthalo Blue 031 PaintUltra Phthalo
Blue 031
Phthalo Blue Light 030L PaintPhthalo Blue
Light 030L
Light Phthalo Blue 099 PaintLight Phthalo
Blue 099
Turquoise 032L PaintTurquoise
Purple 043D PaintPurple
Ultra Mars Purple Dark 062D PaintUltra Mars
Purp Dk 062D
Ultra Mars Purple 062 PaintUltra Mars
Purple 062
Purple 043 PaintPurple
Purple 043L PaintPurple
Ultra Mars Purple 062L PaintUltra Mars
Purple 062L
Dark Blue 063L PaintDark
Blue 063L
Phthalo Cerulean Blue Hue 034D Paint Phth Cerulean
Blue Hue 034D
Phthalo Cerulean Blue Hue 034 Paint Phth Cerulean
Blue Hue 034
Light Blue 097 PaintLight
Blue 097
Phthalo Cerulean Blue Hue 034L Paint Phth Cerulean
Blue Hue 034L
Pale Blue 086D PaintPale
Blue 086D
Pale Blue 086 PaintPale
Blue 086
Pale Blue 086L PaintPale
Blue 086L
Mars Violet 005D PaintMars
Violet 005D
Quinacridone Violet 041D PaintQuinacridone
Violet 041D
Dark Violet 056D PaintDark
Violet 056D
Dark Violet 056 PaintDark
Violet 056
Dark Violet 056L PaintDark
Violet 056L
Dark Purple 057 PaintDark
Purple 057
Quinacridone Violet 041 PaintQuinacridone
Violet 041
Quinacridone Violet 041L PaintQuinacridone
Violet 041L
Quinacridone Magenta 042D PaintQuinacridone
Magenta 042D
Dark Purple 057L PaintDark
Purple 057L
Mars Violet Light 05L PaintMars Violet
Light 05L
Manganese Violet 013D PaintManganese
Violet 013D
Ultramarine Violet 012 PaintUltramarine
Violet 012
Ultramarine Violet Dark 012D PaintUltramarine
Violet Dk 012D
Manganese Violet Light 013L PaintManganese
Violet Lt 013L
Manganese Violet 013 PaintManganese
Violet 013
Ultra Mars Violet 103 PaintUltra Mars
Violet 103
Ultramarine Violet 012L PaintUltramarine
Violet 012L
Violet Gray 102 PaintViolet
Gray 102
Pale Violet 088D PaintPale
Violet 088D
Pale Violet 088L PaintPale
Violet 088L
Pearl Red 703 PaintPearl
Red 703
Pale Pink Dark 087D PaintPale Pink
Dark 087D
Fluorescent Violet Red 810 Paint Fluor Violet
Red 810
Fluorescent Red 802 PaintFluorescent
Red 802
Naphthol Red Medium 037L PaintNaphthol Red
Medium 037L
Cadmium Red Dark 016L PaintCadmium Red
Dark 016L
Quinacridone Magenta 042L PaintQuinacridone
Magenta 042L
Quinacridone Magenta 042 PaintQuinacridone
Magenta 042
Metallic Bronze 615 PaintMetallic
Bronze 615
Midnight Red 052 PaintMidnight
Red 052
Napthol Red Brown 048 PaintNapthol Red
Brown 048
Dark Purple 057D PaintDark
Purple 057D
Ox Blood Cadmium Dark 017D Paint Ox Blood Cad
Dark 017D
Napththol Red Brown 048L PaintNapththol Red
Brown 048L
Cadmium Dark 017 PaintCadmium
Dark 017
Cadmium Dark 017L PaintCadmium
Dark 017L
Terra Cotta 040L PaintTerra
Cotta 040L
Naphthol Red Sienna 039L PaintNaphthol Red
Sienna 039L
Light Mauve 075D PaintLight
Mauve 075D
Metallic Warm Red Gold Deep 601 Paint Metal Warm
Rd Gold Dp 601
Red Oxide 004L PaintRed
Oxide 004L
Naphthol Red Sienna 039D PaintNaphthol Red
Sienna 039D
Naphthol Red Light 036D PaintNaphthol Red
Light 036D
Bone Black 001 PaintBone
Black 001
Raw Umber 003D PaintRaw
Umber 003D
Ultra Blue Black 054D PaintUltra Blue
Black 054D
Midnight Green 051D PaintMidnight
Green 051D
Napththol Red Brown 048D PaintNapththol Red
Brown 048D
Midnight Red 052D PaintMidnight
Red 052D
Mars Black 008 PaintMars
Black 008
Midnight Red 052L PaintMidnight
Red 052L
Midnight Blue Green 050 PaintMidnight Blue
Green 050
Midnight Blue Green 050D PaintMidnight Blue
Green 050D
Dark Umber 061D PaintDark
Umber 061D
Pearlescent Black Mica 712 Paint Pearl Black
Mica 712
Dark Khaki 059D PaintDark
Khaki 059D
Midnight Green 051L PaintMidnight
Green 051L
Dark Green 055D PaintDark
Green 055D
Dark Gray 069D PaintDark
Gray 069D
Dark Blue Green 064D PaintDark Blue
Green 064D
Dark Umber 061 PaintDark
Umber 061
Dark Olive 058D PaintDark
Olive 058D
Dark Olive 058 PaintDark
Olive 058
Burnt Sienna Dark 002D PaintBurnt Sienna
Dark 002D
Terra Cotta 040D PaintTerra
Cotta 040D
Red Oxide 004D PaintRed
Oxide 004D
Terra Cotta 040 PaintTerra
Cotta 040
Burnt Sienna Medium 002 PaintBurnt Sienna
Medium 002
Burnt Sienna Light 002L PaintBurnt Sienna
Light 002L
Gray Ochre 070D PaintGray
Ochre 070D
Raw Umber 003 PaintRaw
Umber 003
Raw Sienna Dark 007D PaintRaw Sienna
Dark 007D
Pale Ochre 085D PaintPale
Ochre 085D
Raw Sienna 007 PaintRaw
Sienna 007
Raw Sienna 007L PaintRaw
Sienna 007L
Pale Ochre 085 PaintPale
Ochre 085
Pale Ochre 085L PaintPale
Ochre 085L
Dark Gray 069L PaintDark
Gray 069L
Medium Gray 068D PaintMedium
Gray 068D
Medium Gray 068 PaintMedium
Gray 068
Dark Olive 058L PaintDark
Olive 058L
Dark Orange Gray 065D PaintDark Orange
Gray 065D
Dark Mustard 060D PaintDark
Mustard 060D
Dark Umber 061L PaintDark
Umber 061L
Raw Umber 003L PaintRaw
Umber 003L
Dark Orange Gray 065 PaintDark Orange
Gray 065
Dark Orange Gray 065L PaintDark Orange
Gray 065L
Light Mauve 075L PaintLight
Mauve 075L
Pink 093 PaintPink
Dark Mauve 073 PaintDark
Mauve 073
Medium Mauve 074D PaintMedium
Mauve 074D
Medium Gray 068L PaintMedium
Gray 068L
Dark Mauve 073D PaintDark
Mauve 073D
Medium Mauve 074 PaintMedium
Mauve 074
Medium Mauve 074L PaintMedium
Mauve 074L
Dark Mauve 073L PaintDark
Mauve 073L
Blue Gray 072 PaintBlue
Gray 072
Blue Gray 072D PaintBlue
Gray 072D
Light Gray 067D PaintLight
Gray 067D
Blue Green Gray 066D PaintBlue Green
Gray 066D
Light Gray 067 PaintLight
Gray 067
Blue Green Gray 066 PaintBlue Green
Gray 066
Light Portrait Pink 07L PaintLight Portrait
Pink 07L
Off White Pink 082D PaintOff White
Pink 082D
Pearl White 701 PaintPearl
White 701
Pale Pink 087L PaintPale
Pink 087L
Blue Green Gray 066L PaintBlue Green
Gray 066L
Light Gray 067L PaintLight
Gray 067L
Warm Buff 078D PaintWarm
Buff 078D
Off White Pink 082 PaintOff White
Pink 082
Off White Green 084D PaintOff White
Green 084D
Off White Green 084 PaintOff White
Green 084
Off White Green 084L PaintOff White
Green 084L
Off White Blue 081D PaintOff White
Blue 081D
Warm Buff 078L PaintWarm
Buff 078L
Off White Blue 081 PaintOff White
Blue 081
Off White Blue 081L PaintOff White
Blue 081L
Off White Pink 082L PaintOff White
Pink 082L
Off White Violet 083L PaintOff White
Violet 083L
Off White Violet 083D PaintOff White
Violet 083D
Titanium White 010 PaintTitanium
White 010
Blue Gray 072L PaintBlue
Gray 072L

Diane Townsend makes a beautiful Soft Form Paint Brand. With a complete line of Pastel Color Paints, 267 colors in all, available in beautiful hues and colors, they will no doubt keep you painting and smiling at the same time. This brand is very unique and exquisite!

Diane Townsend Soft Form Pastels - Diane Townsend Soft Form Paints

Please note that the Art Supply Retailers affiliated here DO NOT carry all of the paints listed!
Due to wide variances in computer and laptop monitors and printers,
the color samples on this website may not exactly match the corresponding paint color!


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