Winsor and Newton Watercolor Paints

Winsor & Newton has been creating paints for artists over 170 years.

With a track record like that, they must be doing something right.

Their watercolor paints are divided into two distinct product lines.

The Artists’ line is the professional grade, with over 95 colors from which to choose. The Cotman label is the student grade of watercolors and features 50 colors in the line.

Watercolor is pigment emulsified in a binding agent, such as gum Arabic. Pigments are natural minerals found in nature and chemically produced materials produced in a laboratory that exhibit specific colorations, staining qualities and permanence. Watercolor is available in both tube and pan forms. Both have the same formulations, but the way in which the artist uses paint will have a bearing on which he chooses.

Pan VS Tube Paints

Both pan and tube paints have their place in any artist’s tabouret, but an artist should examine his style of painting in deciding which of these types he should invest as his main medium.

Pan paints are ultimately portable. They are available in both half and full pan sizes for affordability and convenience. An artist who is an occasional painter or works in a small format may consider pan paint as an economical choice. The plein air artist will also consider the virtues of pan paints, as they are mess-proof and easy to pop in a backpack for impromptu painting sessions.

Alternatively, the artist who paints in large scale or uses numerous wet, juicy washes will think twice about using pan paint. It certainly is doable, but dry pan paints will require additional work to produce the amount of paint that may be required for a large piece.

Enter the tube paint. Squeeze a little or a lot, the tube is instantly ready. Stir up a pot of paint for a large wash with ease. The instant nature of this paint makes getting a lot of paint down quickly an easy chore, which is so important when drying time is critical.

Winsor Newton Cotman Paint

Winsor Newtone Cotman Paints are available in 50 colors. It’s a great medium for the beginning art student. The paints use the same pigments and basic formulations to achieve the colors as the professional line. A difference may be found in the brilliance, permanence and texture of some of the colors. This has to do with the pigment-to-binder ratio and some ingredients.

A beginner may want to be frugal for his first painting purchases. Using Winsor & Newton Cotman paints allows him to save money over the costlier professional paints, yet gives him the advantage of painting with a recognized leader in paint production. There is cheap pricing and then there is cheap quality. Using a student grade paint from a first rate company is infinitely more desirable than using any no-name brand. The savings are not significant and the quality may be really second rate.

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Brand Paint

Over its long span in the production of paints, Winsor & Newton has continually refined the quality of their products. Their professional series of paints reflects the high quality of materials use to produce their paints, guaranteeing a product that is consistent and lasting.

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Paints are a reliable choice for the serious watercolorist. With the range of nearly 100 colors, the artist needs to look no further when he needs a specialty color. The range of colors is impressive, while the formulations of standard colors have the solid base of over 150 years of reputation upon which to stand.

An artist can count on this line of watercolors as a baseline on which to judge other paints. Using Winsor & Newton paint, any student will feel confident that his work will maintain a fresh and brilliant appearance using this top quality line of paints.

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