Tulip 3D Fashion Paint 30 Pack

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Tulip creates great textile paints and this 30-piece set is just the thing for a crafter looking for a lot of color at a reasonable price.

These paints are permanent and come in easy-to-use tubes with applicators so even the smallest crafter can create a masterpiece without making a mess.

Plus, it’s 3D! :)

Tulip 3D Fashion Paint 30 Pack

The Tulip 3D Fashion Paint 30 Pack by Tulip ASIN: B004U7IX76 makes an inexpensive and thoughtful gift for any crafter interested in decorating fabric items. It works great on cotton and cotton blends, so your choice is almost limitless for decorating items and fabrics.

The set comes with 30 decorator colors, enough colors for any artist who wants to add a splash of color to sneakers, tote bags or any fabric accessory from scarves to t-shirts.

Personalizing clothing is easy and fun. The basic supplies and simple instructions make it a project even young crafters will enjoy. A rainy afternoon will be a welcome excuse to create a special gift for Grandma or turn a tired pair of sneakers into a new fashion statement.

Rhinestones, beads, buttons and charms can be set onto the fabric with the paint. Apply a bead of paint the same size as the ornament and press the decoration into the paint. The paint will ooze up around the edges to form a mounting and hold the piece in place. Allow the garment to dry flat.

Caution should be used with these products. Children left unattended with this paint have been known to run rampant through their closet and that of their family, turning whole households into walking works of art. Entire wardrobes have fallen prey to the artistic outbursts of these pintsized Picassos. Parents should provide adequate amounts of fabric, t-shirts, jeans and other suitable items to ensure the safety of the family home and possessions.

Whether you are nine or ninety, these fabric paints are a fast and enjoyable way to dress up plain-Jane clothes or make a personalized a gift that is sure to please. Cute or kitschy, retro or abstract, the fun never ends with this inexpensive and fun craft.

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