Try Oil Pastels To Expand Your Skill-Set

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Oil pastel will always be overshadowed as an artistic medium.

Oils, acrylics and watercolor are the top contenders, with soft pastels taking the fourth position of popularity.

Even less popular, but arguably a more robust medium, oil pastels are in a category all their own.

These pigmented sticks don’t smudge, crumble or release dust.

Completed paintings don’t need the application of a fixative. You can use them to create delicate passages of subtle color or build up the pigment in an impasto fashion. A cool thing is you can use the pastels with turpentine and a brush to develop glazing or washes.

If you’re looking for a new way to create art, you might want to consider oil pastel. It doesn’t require a big investment of supplies and those supplies don’t take up a great deal of space. An easy way to get started is a complete kit to that has all the basics, and here’s a perfect set that won’t break your budget.

Complete Oil Pastel Artist Set

Complete Oil Pastel Artist Set With Walter Foster Instruction Book By Online Art Supplies ASIN: B00S8RQI44

You won’t need to buy anything else once you’ve ordered this comprehensive set!

Just clear out a workspace in your studio or get the dinner dishes off the dining table and get ready to fall in love with a new way to make art.

Loads Of Supplies

The set comes with a set of 24 Louvre oil pastels. Made by Lefranc & Bourgeois, these sticks measure 7.2×1 cm. It also contains two sketch pencils and a 13×17 inch sketch board. Made of tempered hardwood, it’s perfect for studio work or plein air outings. A 4-1/2 inch hardwood-handled steel palette knife is included for scraping, manipulating or blending colors.

A Variety Of Supports

Oil pastels can be used on lots of surfaces, and you’ll get a nice selection in this package. In the set, you’ll receive an 8×10 inch and an 11×14 inch canvas board. You can try out a variety of textures and tones of paper in the 11×14 inch Canson Mixed Assortment Pad. This wire bound pad has 24 sheets of 80, 90, and 111-pound paper in both bright white and cream tones.

In-Depth Instruction To Get You Going

To finish off this great set, you’ll receive Nathan Rohlander ‘s “Oil Pastel Step By Step: Discover The Secrets To Creating Masterpieces In Oil Pastel.” This short, but comprehensive, book offers you everything you need to begin expressing yourself in this great, overlooked medium.

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