Tie Dye Fun For The Whole Family

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Tie dye isn’t just for old hippies – it’s a fun and creative craft that’s coming around again as a great way to express yourself and to get a little bit crazy with your clothes and accessories.

And what better time than summer to try out a tie dye project or three? It’s perfect weather for wearing bold, colorful t-shirts or sporting tie dye tote bags or beach cover-ups!

Whether you’re planning on sewing your own creations or simply dyeing ready-made products, there’s no failure when it comes to tie dye. It’s all good, so have some fun and add some color to your summertime fun!

Fabric Dye

You can buy fabric dyes individually or in kits. If you’re trying this out and just want to get a taste of tie dyeing fun, consider buying a kit. You’ll get everything you need and won’t end up with a bunch of left-over containers of dye. If you’re ready to jump in with both feet, consider buying inks individually.

You can find both pre-mixed dyes that are ready to use as well as powders that are mixed with water to create the dye.

Color Fixative

You should use a setting agent to ensure your dye stays on your project and doesn’t leach out onto your other clothes when it’s washed. You only need to do this once, and your item’s color will be set permanently.

There are a number of products to treat your fabrics. Some are produced by companies you heard of, as well as natural and industrial products.


Natural fibers are best for tie dyeing. Cotton, hemp, linen, rayon, silk and ramie are the most common natural fibers. If you can’t find 100 percent natural fiber clothing or fabric, 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester or lycra is a suitable substitute.

Manmade fibers do not absorb dye easily, and you may wind up with pale or splotchy colors if the fabric has a high percentage of polyester or lycra.

Tie Dye Ideas

Of course, you can tie dye t-shirts, but think about other fun things that would look great tie dyed.

Tie Dye big, fluffy beach towels and you’ll never misplace yours on a crowded beach.
Purchase plain, white bath towels, hand towels and face clothes. Tie dye these to brighten up the kids’ bathroom.

Cotton caftans and beach cover-ups look great tie dyed. For both moms and kids, this is a great look everyone will love.

Tie dye socks are great fun, and it’s a perfect way to brighten up old socks that are dull or create a new fun sock wardrobe.

Give a tie dye look to white sneakers.

If you’re a home sewer, you can create your own custom fabric in a multitude of colors and patterns for sewing pieced items like quilts, table runners, place mats and matching napkins.

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