Thanksgiving Craft Books For Kids

You’ve put away the Halloween decorations and most of the candy has been eaten.

That means it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving.

While you’re busy making preparations for your annual cooking fest, take some time to plan some craft activities for the kiddos. Sure, they may be able to help with cookie baking (and testing), and they may even enjoy some of your Thanksgiving plans. However, preparing a few craft projects for them to do when the weather gets nasty or you just need your own quiet time is a good idea for everyone.

Make A Special Place For Crafting

It’s a good idea to set up a space for kids’ craft projects. Inexpensive butcher paper taped to the work table is a good idea to keep spills somewhat contained. If the flooring needs protection, you can tape down plastic sheeting or a painter’s drop cloth.

Make sure you have plenty of cleaning cloths or a roll of paper towels on the scene, and if they’re old enough to handle it add a bottle of spray cleaner.

Craft Books For Kids

You don’t need to wrack your brain for crafting ideas with this fun collection of kids’ craft books. Here are a few that are perfect for Thanksgiving.

19 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

19 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids by Prime Publishing ASIN: B00NJ6STTG

With favors, games, table décor and decorations of all kinds, this book is filled with loads of projects to keep your little ones occupied for hours.

These are simple crafts that are suitable for younger children. Using paints, paper, candies, paper plates, markers and other easily-gathered items, your favorite little crafters can get in the swing of the holidays with fun projects guaranteed to keep them busy while you prepare for your annual feast.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts by Jean Eick ASIN: B00J2HS7DO

This small book is packed with lots of fun and easy crafts for kids from first through fourth grade or from ages 6-9 years old. You’ll find projects like paper bag turkeys and Thanksgiving cards, as well as table decorations like table runners and napkin holders.

You’ll also find activities and games for the kids when it’s time to clean up the craft table, as well as a little bit of history about our favorite holiday.

Creating Thanksgiving Crafts

Creating Thanksgiving Crafts by Dana Meachen Rau ISBN: 1624312802

Stuffed turkey puppets, a cornucopia, pilgrim place cards and cornhusk dolls are just a few of the fun and easy crafts you’ll find in the pages of Ms. Meachen’s book.

Using simple art supplies and things you probably already have in your home, this nifty little book has loads of crafting projects for your little ones. The projects are geared for children in grades three through six, so there’s something for younger children as well as more advanced projects for the older kids. There’s also a little bit of Thanksgiving history and traditions, so it’s not only crafty but educational as well.

Dig out your crafting supplies and get ready to add a bit of holiday fun to your child’s next arts and crafts project. These books are sure to get the kids’ creative juices flowing, and who knows – you just may get a chance to take a break from all your holiday preparations!

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