Texture Paint Techniques And Materials

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There’s so much more to creating art than using paint and a brush.

Sure, that’s most logical way to begin your journey, but once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics, it’s fun and exciting to spread your wings and try out other ways of expressing your artistic muse.

Here are some books to get your started!

Abstracts: Techniques and Textures Paperback by Rolina Van Vliet ISBN-10: 1844489558

With over 350 illustrations, Ms. Van Vliet has filled this book with loads of pictures to walk you through various techniques that include knife work, gels, textures and collage.

She includes various methods for adding texture, both visually and dimensionally. There are demonstrations that cover water based mediums, as well as oil and collage, so you’ll never run out of inspiring ideas to get you started.

Rethinking Acrylic

Rethinking Acrylic: Radical Solutions For Exploiting The World’s Most Versatile Medium by Patti Brady ISBN-10: 1600610137

This spiral-bound book is a great companion for anyone who wants to expand his or her repertoire with acrylic paints. Although this book isn’t geared to the rank beginner, it contains a wealth of information about different types of acrylics.

It compares and explains mediums, additives, gessos, grounds and varnishes. Ms. Brady illustrates how they are used in painting and goes on to explain the different viscosities of the various products and their most common uses.

The works of many contributing artists fill this book with a wealth of examples and explanations of techniques. It certainly deserves a place on any abstract artist’s bookshelf.

Acrylic Illuminations

Acrylic Illuminations: Reflective and Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques by Nancy Reyner ASIN: B00KI2JU2Y

Ms. Reyner opens her book with the promise to enlighten the reader with ’50 ways to catch the eye.’ She describes her book as a sort of recipe book for creating appealing artwork and provides technical instruction on the specific way to achieve a particular look.

She focuses on techniques that can be used with multiple mediums but stresses that style is the artist’s domain and these instructions are merely a guide to be adapted to each individual’s approach to painting.

This spiral-bound book is filled with colorful examples and step-by-step illustrations that will inspire any artist who wants to experiment with textural abstraction.

Now that you’ve found inspiration with those great books, here’s a few of those products you’ve been reading about!

Golden Acrylic Medium Molding Paste

Golden Acrylic Medium Molding Paste, 8-Ounce ASIN: B0007W5RB8

This acrylic molding paste is perfect for creating texture and building up the surface of a painting.

It can be used as a base to add dimension to your support before painting or it can be added to paint to give a thicker texture for impasto effects.

This package contains 8 ounces of molding paste.

Golden Acrylic Medium Fiber Paste

Golden Acrylic Medium Fiber Paste, 8-Ounce ASIN: B00263ZG62

If you want to give a hand-molded paper appearance to your support, this fiber paste will do the job.

It naturally has a rough texture, but you can skim the surface with a wet knife while it’s still moist to smooth the surface for a more even appearance.

You get one 8oz jar of fiber paste, that is perfect for canvas or board.

Liquitex Texture Gels

Liquitex Texture Gels – Glass Beads, 8 oz ASIN: B00A6WLOOI

This translucent gel medium contains glass beads that add texture to your support.

It can be used as a ground before painting or it can be added to paint for colored textural effects.

It can also be used as a ground for oil paintings on canvas or board.

Gives a great handmade paper appearance.

Liquitex Professional White Opaque Flakes

Liquitex Professional White Opaque Flakes Effects Medium, 8-oz ASIN: B000KNPMU0

This heavy body gel adds cool effects to any support like canvas, paper or Masonite. It maintains flexibility when dry, so it won’t flake or chip away from your painting.

The irregular shaped opaque flakes show up best when mixed with translucent paint, but you can use opaque pigments as well. Adding Titanium white to the mixture gives it a white appearance, or you can paint over the substrate for a variety of effects.

Liquitex Professional Natural Sand Effects

Liquitex Professional Natural Sand Effects Medium, 8-oz ASIN: B000KNPMIM

This textured gel is great for creating all sorts of effects and can be used with oils, pastels and graphite as well as acrylics.

It has a fine texture and can create delicate effects with a brush or it can be applied in a heavier application for a more coarse appearance.

Since it maintains its flexibility, it can be used on almost any surface.

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