Taking Art On The Road The Easy Way

Whether you’re packing up for a family vacation or sending the kids off to sleep-away camp, make sure to add some fodder to spark their creativity.

No, you can’t pack up a whole art studio, and they’ll certainly be spending loads of time with visiting attractions, doing projects and making new friends.

A Fun Project Everyone Will Enjoy

Sure, kids can take snapshots with their digital camera or smart phone, but that isn’t creativity. Why not suggest that they paint or draw postcards showing what they’ve seen and done.

They can show themselves enjoying their trip and all the activities they’ve done and adventures they’ve taken or show the fun animals, plants and treasures they’ve found.
Sending hand painted cards to grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends is a great way to keep in touch, as well as showing off your little Rembrandt’s talent.

This is a great project for quiet time or when the weather isn’t cooperating with outdoor plans. It’s even good for extended car rides and can minimize the well-known and reviled phrase ‘Are we there yet?’

Just A Few Supplies For On-The-Road Art

You don’t have extra room in your luggage, but you don’t need much equipment for this project. Pre-sized blank postcards make it easy to have USPS-ready correspondence at your fingertips. Colored pencils, markers, pens or paints are economical and compact, and they can be stowed in a tote bag, suitcase or backpack. Just add stamps, and your children are all set to chronicle their adventures for the folks back home.

Color And Something To Fling It On

Roylco R52059 Design-A-Postcard UPC: 0066960520590

These pre-cut postcards are ready to stick in the mailbox. The die-cut edges are an artistic detail that gives the cards a vintage appearance. The front is blank, just awaiting your little one’s artistic efforts, and the back is sectioned with space for a stamp, address and your child’s message to that important someone.

Your child will receive 24 – 4″x6″ cards that are made of a nice, heavy clear white stock. They’re a great surface for crayons, colored pencil, watercolor or gel pens.

Magicfly Magic Gel Pens

Magicfly Magic Gel Pens – 72 Colored Gel Pen Set with Case ASIN: B01EXWSCZA

Gel pens are all the rage, and you can get them in pastels, glitter, neon and metallic. This is a generous set of 36 pens, and it includes a nice selection of all those types of ink.

The set consists of glitter colors, metallic colors, and neon and pastel fluorescent colors. Some of the colors included are Black, Silver, Gold, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Teal, Magenta, Cyan and Aquamarine.

The plastic pens sport 0.8 mm points and the ink in non-toxic and acid-free. The ink dries quickly, so your children won’t have problems with smearing. The pens don’t bleed excessively, and the colors come out thick, and not runny. The ink is bright and bold and with 72 colors, there’s plenty of color choices for any aspiring artist.

The 72 pens come in a clear, plastic case that’s 6.4″ x 4.8″ x 4.7″, so they don’t take up much space and are all self-contained in a convenient pouch.

Watercolor Paint Set

Watercolor Paint Set of 24 Solid Cake Colors with Bonus Paintbrush By Colorolio ASIN: B01CMV7O7G

If your budding Botticelli favors a liquid medium over a pen, this set of pan watercolors is just the ticket. These solid cake watercolors make traveling with art supplies easy. The dry cakes come in a handy metal case that takes up very little space in your luggage. The container also has a slot to hold a paintbrush, which is included, and the lid come off completely to be used as a convenient palette.

The following colors are included in the set:

Yellow Ochre, Vermilion, Carmine, Violet, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Deep Purple, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Vandyke Brown, Light Grey, Lemon Yellow, Peach, Gamboge, Cerise, Purple, Turquoise, Leaf Green, Rale Green, Hookers’ Green, Olive Green, Grey, Black and White.

This array of colors is vibrant and intense, and they fade little upon drying. The colors are dense and blend together well for unlimited color hues. There is a color chart included in the packaging that lists the colors in four different languages.

Colorolio stands fully behind its products and offers a lifetime guarantee.

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