Speedball Calligraphy Ink Palette Kit

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Calligraphy has been practiced for hundreds of years. Pen and ink drawings go back thousands of years in Eastern culture, and the art of pen and ink is enjoying a resurgence as artists look for new and exciting ways of expressing themselves.

Today’s artist has a whole new generation of technology that includes both paints and tools with which to create their work. However, the simple dip pen is still a favorite among artists and craftsmen, and Speedball has been supplying their ink and writing instruments for decades.

Speedball Calligraphy Ink Palette Kit

For many artists, spontaneity is the key to a producing a fluid and compelling piece of art. The straightforward pen and ink technique allows the artist to concentrate on flow and shape, producing controlled but sinuous renderings and interpretations.

Speedball’s Calligraphy Ink Palette Kit (ASIN: B000BYTZVU) provides a great assortment of waterproof, archival colors that are acid free and non-toxic. The 0.4-ounce glass containers come packaged in a set of 10 colors, including Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Gold, Teal, Silver, Purple and White. The kit also includes a nine-inch palette, which is perfect for use with the inks.

Artists and crafters will find this set perfect for scrapbooks, journals, drawing and sketching. The permanent, waterproof ink is rich and opaque for use with colored grounds and works well with rough tooth paper surfaces.

This ink is made especially for dip pens and is not suitable for mechanical pens or snub-nosed pen tips. The thicker consistency that produces the opaque, permanent quality precludes the use of these writing instruments.

Use the White, Silver and Gold inks to add refinement and highlights to mixed media work. Combine it with acrylic, watercolor and other ink work done on paper supports. The ink can also be used with Chinese-style brushwork known as Sumi-e, a technically challenging art form that requires practice and skill.
Woodblock printing is another art technique that uses ink. These fluid colors can be used for the entire print, or it can be added as highlights to emphasize focal points or to define details.

Permanent inks and dip pens are a great way to loosen up and add an additional facet to an artist’s bag of tricks. This inexpensive set is well worth the investment and provides an interesting change of pace for the artist and craftsman as well as a traditional calligrapher.

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