Snow Day Fun Activities

Winter is hitting with a fury in some places, and there are bound to be some snow days around the corner for many kids and parents.

After an energetic flurry of snowman and fort building, a marathon round of cartoons and video games and a final round of all the board and card games everyone can wrangle up, there’s bound to be that familiar strain of ‘I’m bored – what can we do now?’

If you haven’t planned ahead, you could be in for some serious whining and sighing (from both you and the little darlings.) Get ready for the deadly snow days of winter with activities the kids will enjoy and keep them occupied for more than a few minutes.

Alex Toys Little Hands My Giant Busy Box

Alex Toys Little Hands My Giant Busy Box ASIN: B001AQDA50

This is a great box of goodies to spark the imagination of any younger child. The box has loads of ideas, and there’s enough materials to complete 16 or so projects. It’s great for a snow day or as a group party activity.

The package includes dough, crayons, buttons, doilies, feathers, flowers, eyes, pipe cleaners, bags, boards, frames, stickers, tissue paper, colored paper and a glue stick. The kids can create and decorate paper bag puppets, sculpt dough animals, make tissue paper art pictures, and loads of other projects with the generous assortments of craft supplies.

This busy box is appropriate for children aged three and up and is a Parents’ Choice Award Winner.

Big Art Set and Drawing Pad

Xonex Big Art Set and Melissa & Doug Art Essentials Drawing Pad ASIN: B01BX1FG26

Xonex and Melissa & Doug have come up with a great combo for your budding Picasso. This bundle includes a Melissa & Doug 50 sheet art pad. The pad is a premium white, heavy weight paper and the pages are 9″x12″.

Art supplies include 16 fine point markers, 18 colored pencils and 18 crayons. There are also eight watercolor cakes, 14 pastel sticks and two brushes. Included in the package are two drawing pencils, a sharpener and an eraser.

The exterior of the carrying case is solid brown, so your creative cutie can personalize his or her satchel with original designs and artwork. The sturdy handled carrying case is a generous 14″x10″x1.5″. Recommended for children aged six and up.

Alex Toys Artist Studio Colossal Art Set

Alex Toys Artist Studio Colossal Art Set ASIN: B00J0U6T0Q

If you’re looking for loads of potential art supplies, Alex Toys Colossal Art Set is just what you’re looking for. Your refrigerator and any other designated art gallery space will be bursting with color from your darling DaVinci’s artistic output.

This 19.5″x20.5″ storage case is packed with miles of smiles. It includes 315 pieces crayons, fine and jumbo markers, pastels, watercolor cakes, paper, stickers, three types of pencils, erasers, sharpeners, palettes and brushes.

This product has the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and is recommended for children aged three and up.

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