Snazaroo Top 28 Colors Pallet

If you grow weary with the monotony of a white canvas or watercolor paper sheet, try an alternative support that will test your skill and imagination in ways you have only dreamed.

This distinctive and unconventional surface is the human skin.

Where else can you have the experience of a support in perpetual motion or one that makes critical remarks as you progress on your project?

With Snazaroo face paints, you can step outside the boundaries of your normal artistic life and have some interactive fun with your painting.

Snazaroo Top 28 Colors Pallet Set

The Snazaroo Top 28 Colors Pallet Set (ASIN: B002OT32OQ) of Body and Face painting is a popular activity for kids and adults at craft shows, fundraisers, parties and Halloween. Whimsical shapes, creatures and bugs are all the rage for the preschool set, while teen and preteen tastes run to the retro or full-face character look (Zombies anyone?). Monitor the traffic around a face-painting booth at a craft fair and you are likely to spot an adult or two sporting an unusually colorful facial embellishment as well (Great for Sporting Events).

Snazaroo’s Top 28-color set of face and body paints (out of their normal 54 Color Pro Face Paints) comes in a convenient covered clamshell case that keeps all the colors together and ready to use. The individual pots are molded into the clamshell, so there is nothing to lose.

With a selection of 28 colors, the artist has a huge array of colors from which to choose. The entire kit can adorn as many as 140 eager, shining faces, and the color choices span the rainbow, as well as including metallic silver and gold.

Snazaroo face and body paints are water based, so they are easy to apply and remove. The product is non-toxic, FDA approved cosmetic quality and is safe to use around children or pets, although most pets do not appreciate painted motifs on their fur.

Water based face paint can be applied with a variety of applicators including sponges, brushes and fingers. It dries quickly and with proper application, it should only require one layer of paint. Cleanup is a snap with soap and water.

If you are tired and uninspired, take a walk on the wild side. Sign up as a face painter for a local charity or church fundraiser. Your artistic ability will certainly be appreciated, especially if you happen to have a little local notoriety. The Karma police will repay you for your good deed, and you will have great fun with all the enthusiastic little canvases you will get a chance to paint.

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