Scratch Art For Kids

Spring showers are all too common in some areas, and although kids are ready for outdoor activities, sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate.

If you’re looking for a fun, new way to keep your little ones busy on a rainy Saturday afternoon, scratch art could be just the ticket for keeping little hands and minds occupied.

It seems to me that when I was young, a teacher would have us cover a piece of card stock with loads of colors from assorted color crayons. When the entire surface was covered with a rainbow of hues, we would paint over the entire surface with black tempera paint.

When the card was dry, we would use toothpicks or wooden dowels to scratch out pictures on the black surface. It was always fun to see the various colors emerge as our drawings developed.

Ready-To-Use Scratch Art Drawing Sheets

Thankfully, times have changed, and you don’t need to spend time and create a mess when your kids want to do scratch art. There are tons of kits, activity packs and packages of prepared paper, so your kids can make scratch art creations anytime or place.

Here is just a sampling of the types of activity sets you can purchase to keep your aspiring artists occupied on those rainy ‘stay in the house’ afternoons.

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Bookmark

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Bookmark Party Pack Activity Kit – 12 Bookmarks ASIN: B009B7M3MG

If you’re looking for a perfect art activity for your child’s birthday party, this party pack of scratch art bookmarks will be a hit with everyone! Unlike many art projects, there’s no water or paints involved, so you don’t wind up with a mess, and your guests don’t go home with paint stains all over their clothes.

This package includes everything you need to make 12 cute and colorful bookmarks. There are 12 rainbow-swirled bookmarks, ribbons, styluses and instructions how to create a personalized bookmark.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Scra-ffiti

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Scra-ffiti So Cute Artist Studio Scratch Pad Coloring and Sketch Book ASIN: B00LV0YBXU

This scratch pad is perfect for little ones who may need help making up a design. Sort of like a coloring book, each page has a design, so all one needs to do is use the included stylus to scrape away at the patterns to reveal the colors that lie beneath.

The set also shows a number of repeat designs to use in exposing the colors on the backgrounds or large solid areas of the drawings. Suggested for ages five and up, but younger children can enjoy this with adult supervision

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Magic Bugs

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Magic Bugs and Critters Sticker Kit ASIN: B000IQ075O

Here’s a different twist on typical scratch art; Melissa & Doug have come up with a sticker kit that utilizes scratch art. Now your kids can have fun scratching colorful designs into stickers, which they can then use to decorate all sorts of things.

The package contains 20 stickers on two sheets and a wooden stylus. One of the sheets has hidden rainbow swirls, while the other sheet has hidden silver holographic patterns. Appropriate for ages four and up.

Rainbow Scratch Paper Notepad

20 Big 11″ x 8.25″ Sheets Rainbow Scratch Paper Notepad by Purple Ladybug Novelty ASIN: B01MUCA9IZ

Here’s a great value, if your kids really enjoy scratch art. Purple Ladybug Novelty has put together a grand set that will keep your kids busy through the dreariest of weekends.

This spiral notebook has 20 sheets of rainbow scratch paper that measures 8.25″x11″ and includes two wooden styluses. As a fun bonus, the company also surprises your little artist with a bonus that may include scratch & sniff stickers, puffy stickers or rewards stickers. There’s also an instruction and idea sheet to help your kids get started.

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Doodle Pad

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Doodle Pad With 16 Scratch-Art Boards and Wooden Stylus ASIN: B007HNMY7K

This smart little travel pad is perfect to throw in a backpack or take along for a long car ride. This 16-page pad is spiral bound, measuring just six inches square, and includes a stylus and a snap-in stylus holder.

The pages are equally divided between rainbow hues and silver holographic sheets. The pages are a stiff paper, while the back and front covers are a sturdy cardboard. The small size makes it perfect for throwing in a tote bag or backpack, and it can be used anywhere.

Take a look at all the Scratch Art Kits here!

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