Royal & Langnickel Disposable Palette Paper

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A family owned and operated business, Royal & Langnickel has produced art supplies and accessories for decades.

They produce a variety of products, but the Royal & Langnickel name is most commonly linked to their line of brushes.

With a wide range of products and availability, this company has budget-priced art supplies and professional grade accessories and tools that artists rely on for dependability and value.

Royal & Langnickel Disposable Palette Paper

Acrylic and oil painters know the mess and inconvenience of keeping a palette clean and ready to use. Keeping the area clean to prevent mixing muddy colors, scraping away dried paint that makes the palette lumpy and finding a fresh spot to place a new color add up to precious time wasted on housekeeping.

Using a disposable palette makes sense for a lot of reasons, and Royal & Langnickel has added just the cure for artists who want to maximize their painting time while eliminating messy palettes. Casein, alkyd and egg tempera artists also find this product very useful as well. Watercolorists who revel in juicy washes may find this pad unsuitable for their ponds of paint, but dry brush artists will appreciate the work surface it provides.

Royal & Langnickel Disposable Palette Paper ASIN: B000XZTM74 contains 40 8-1/4” x 11-1/5″ sheets of poly-coated paper that’s the perfect size for most artists and crafters. The disposable sheets will not soak through and provide a durable surface to mix acrylic or oil paint. This size is ideal for small size paintings. There are larger sizes available when large mixing areas are required, but this smaller size is perfect for small quantities of paint.

Add this pad to your plein air painting kit. It takes up very little space, adds minimal weight and makes quick work of cleaning up after a painting session. This pad can also be fitted inside a 9” x 12” airtight palette box to prolong the life of your paint and make it portable. Art student attending classes will also find this a handy accessory, and the inexpensive price won’t break the budget.

Many other disciplines use disposable paint palettes. Ceramists, Tole painters and fabric artists all use disposable palettes. They are also great for children’s arts and crafts classes. Make-up artists find them very useful, as they are sanitary and keep products from becoming contaminated by reusing a mixing surface.

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