Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch Drawing Set

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a painter, a sculptor or a craftsperson.

You are going to draw. You may do preliminary sketches of a figure you plan to sculpt or a new design for a quilted handbag you wish to sew.

Regardless of your medium, if you conceive it, chances are you want to get your idea down on paper.

Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch Drawing Set

The Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch Drawing Set ASIN: B000HTBBO8 is a great selection of drawing tools and accessories that fill the needs of artists and craftsmen in one convenient package.

If you are planning to draw, use a drawing set that helps you work more efficiently and gives you a variety of pencils and charcoal. The set contains eight graphite pencils for both light sketches and dark shadowing and fill-in work. It also includes charcoal pencils, pencil and charcoal sharpeners and both a white and kneaded eraser.

This set gives the artist pencils with varying hardness to achieve a variety of tonal qualities, from the lightest of gray sketches to the darkest of black shadows. Pro Art also includes two kinds of erasers, as all pencil marks are not the same. A kneaded eraser can be used to lighten dark tones, as well as erase marks, so it acts as a drawing and blending tool, as well.

Sharpeners are essential, and although these may not be substantial pieces of machinery, they are compact and work just fine for keeping points sharp. When doing plein air sketching, artists carry a nominal amount of supplies. These tiny sharpeners are perfect for a knapsack or bag, keeping the artist’s tools to a minimum without sacrificing convenience.

Pop your Pro Art Sketch Drawing Set in a zippered pencil pouch and you are ready whenever the muse of inspiration strikes. Just add a sketchpad, a short ruler and maybe some colored pencils to complete your kit.

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