Prang Ready-to-Use Tempera Paints

Children are naturally creative and painting is perfect for developing artistic skills, motor skills and learning about colors.

Kids can start with finger painting. When they get a little older, they can graduate into painting with a paintbrush.

Tempera paint is just the thing for either brushwork or fingers.

Hands, fingers, faces and floors clean up easily with water, as it is water-soluble.

Add a bit of dishwashing soap to the paint. This little tip helps with cleanup and pre-treats paint-riddled clothes for later washing.

Prang Tempera Paints, 16-oz. 12 Assorted Colors

Prang has been a household name for many years. Children’s art and craft supplies require stringent guidelines to ensure safety, and Prang produces child-safe products that a family and teacher can trust.

Prang Ready-to-Use Tempera Paint, 21696, 16-oz. In 12 Assorted Colors ASIN: B000J0C9SM is a great value for teachers, as well as families. This assortment of 12 colors comes in 16-oz. plastic bottles, which are ergonomically shaped to prevent dropping and spilling. The non-settling formula means that the paint is always ready to use. Think of the disasters diverted because of this one small feature. There will be no ugly incidents of paint flying across the room because someone forgot to close the lid before shaking the bottle.

This large, economy sized set of paints will keep the whole family painting for months, and the variety of colors is a feature the big kids will appreciate. The paints have a translucent appearance, so older children can take their first steps into watercolor painting. Prang tempera paints dry quickly, so your little Rembrandt’s masterpieces can show up on the refrigerator almost instantly.

All Prang tempera paints are AP certified non-toxic and conform to ASTM standards, so occasional gastronomic adventures can be ignored, except for a quick cleanup with a wet washcloth.

Prepare your little one’s studio area to make it easy to clean up after a painting session. Newspaper taped to the floor saves mopping. Cover the table with paper and see that there are plenty of paper towels and a wet washcloth available. Particularly messy little artists may benefit from a plastic apron. Pets do not need to be in on a painting session, unless they are planning to pose for a portrait.

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