Portable Art Kits For Kids

Summer vacation is coming up soon, and you probably need to start thinking about what to pack to keep the kids occupied on long road trips or rainy afternoons stuck in a hotel room.

Why not veer away from electronic babysitters and give them something that spurs creativity and imagination? With a portable art studio, your children can create a travel journal of their trip, make paintings and drawings of the things they’ve seen and places they’ve visited and make fun gifts to give to friends and relatives when you return home.

Crayola Create ‘n Carry Case

Crayola Create ‘n Carry Case, Portable Art Tools Kit ASIN: B01CIMC95Q

This lap desk and storage combo includes everything your child needs for creative fun. The set includes 30 sheets of construction paper, 16 crayons, 8 Gel-FX markers, 8 fine-line markers and 12 colored pencils.

The components are also AP certified non-toxic, and with a name like Crayola, you know you’re getting quality and safety and a reasonable price.

Kids Travel Art Kit

Kids Travel Art Kit – van Gogh On-The-Go ASIN: B01LWQ8AY1

If you’re short on space, this mini-art kit is perfect, as it will fit almost anywhere! This 4-1/4” x 3-1/8” hinged tin holds a set of miniature crayons, a tiny set of watercolors with brush and a 20-page spiral notebook.

Perfect to tuck into your purse, backpack or tote bag, this tiny set of art supplies will keep your little ones occupied whether you’re stuck in a waiting room or on a road trip.

Darice 68-Piece Art Set

Darice 68-Piece Art Set ASIN: B004AKS59O

This 68-piece set of art supplies has everything your child needs to paint and draw to her heart’s content – just add paper, and your kiddos will be creating loads of colorful paintings and drawings wherever you travel.

The set includes 12 markers, 12 crayons, 12 color pencils, 12 oil pastels, 12 watercolor pans. It also comes with a palette, paintbrush, pencil, sharpener, eraser, ruler and glue.

The plastic carrying case has a snap-shut handle that keeps everything in place. This set contains small parts, so it’s not suitable for children under three years.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Monster Art Center

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Monster Art Center ASIN: B0009S5TY0

This 9” x 13” aluminum case comes with so much that your child will never get tired of creating awesome masterpieces. The case is sturdy, with a metal handle and strong metal clasps. It folds out to reveal four levels packed full of art tools and mediums.

The set includes 28 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 12 watercolor paints with palette, 26 crayons, 30 fine-tip markers, 2 brushes, 2 drawing pencils, a sponge, water bottle, pencil sharpener, eraser and both clear and white glue. Just add a sketchbook, and your little artist is ready to create anywhere!

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