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The New Year is just around the corner, and it’s a time that many folks are making their resolutions.

Lose weight, start an exercise regimen and quit smoking are all pretty popular resolutions.

Other pledges range from starting a budget to keeping a tidy home or taking up a new hobby.

If you’re an artist, you may want to use some of your resolve to expand yourself as an artist. Paint more frequently, take a class, keep a sketch journal or get involved with other artists. This last item is a surprisingly easy task to accomplish. You may live in the chilly North and find the roads and temperature less than hospitable for socializing, or you may live 75 miles from the nearest town and need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to traverse a mountain pass. Never fear, the Internet is here.

An Artists’ Community Is Just A Click Away

With your computer and trusty Internet connection, your chance to exchange ideas, solve problems and socialize with like-minded artistic minds has never been simpler. Just use your favorite search engine to hunt out forums that deal with your favorite artistic method or medium, and you’ll be rubbing electronic elbows with fellow artists in no time.

To give you a little head start, we’ve assembled some of the most popular art forums. This is by no means a complete list, nor is it an endorsement. There are literally hundreds of art forums, as well as blogs and teaching websites on the Internet.

Using your powerful Google-foo, track down some sites that cater to the kind of art you love and aspire to create. Then, jump in and ask a question, respond with a suggestion or introduce yourself. You’ll find a community of kindred spirits who are walking a path similar to your own. You’ll find guidance, camaraderie and support, as well as an opportunity to show off your latest project in many of the forums.

Popular Artist Forums

These are some of the biggest, best and most well known forums today for Artists…

The Artist Forum


The Artist Forum welcomes artists of all mediums and skill levels. You can present your art for critique, give advice, ask questions and meet artists from around the globe.

Artist Forum

Wet Canvas


With over 300,000 members, this huge on-line community has something for everyone. The site has almost every conceivable form of artwork represented in the forums, and they also have links to demonstrations and tutorials presented by many of the professional artist membership.

Wet Canvas

Artist Daily


Artist Daily is owned by Interweave and is a website that sells books, magazines and other instructional materials. The site also has a lively and an active forum community that offers critique forums, Q&A discussions, non-art discussions and a personal buying and selling forum for members.

Artist Daily



With over 25 million registered artists and art lovers, this website boasts that it has the largest art community on the Internet. It also claims to display 243 million pieces of art. This site has something for everyone and has an active forum community.


Yahoo Groups


Another source for art forums are the very active Yahoo forums. Just go to Yahoo’s website and type in a medium or type of art that interests you. There are discussion groups on almost any topic, and you’ll find a variety of forums in your chosen medium.

Yahoo Groups

If you find you’ve fallen into a slump, sharing ideas and problems, as well as your paintings, can give you the momentum you need to get excited again. Getting involved with artists and the art world is a good way to give yourself a little kick in the pants and can bring you a sense of community and kinship.

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