Pentel Arts Oil Pastels

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Oil pastel is a medium that can be fun and relaxing for artists of every age and skill level.

Kids love drawing, and this is the next step for the child who has been using color crayons.

The blending nature of pastel allows him to experiment with how to use basic colors of the color wheel to create new hues without the mess of paints.

An artist who typically works with oil, acrylic or watercolor will find it an interesting medium as a change from his typical work. The thick sticks limit the amount of tight detail, so an artist can use this medium as a means to loosen up and create more spontaneously.

Pentel Arts Oil Pastels, 50 Color Set

Pentel has been producing reasonably priced art materials for decades, and this Pentel Arts Oil Pastel 50 Color Set (ASIN: B0026SUCDE) is no exception. The 50-color assortment of pastels is a rainbow of hues that is an excellent value for the sheer volume alone. The assortment of colors is significant for professional artists and students alike, with one of the largest sets available in this price range.

The 5/16 x 2-1/8 inch sticks come conveniently stored in a carrying case for easy portability. This set includes two of pale orange, Prussian blue and four gray pastels.

Use oil pastels with toned paper to quickly add color and set the mood of your piece. A toothed paper allows the pastel to adhere to the support and aides in building up heavy applications of color to create depth and color saturation.

Blend pastels with a blending stump, fingers or paintbrush to achieve fluidity of color change or to lighten strong areas. Pastel is generally worked from light to dark. The artist builds layers as the drawing takes shape, using the toned paper as a middle ground.

Pastel smudges easily and the artist must use great care not to mar his work with a thoughtless movement. A mahl stick is a great aid to prevent touching the drawing and is an investment well worth the nominal cost. A mahl stick is merely a sturdy rod with a protected end that that is placed on the edge of the work surface and acts as a brace.

Pastel drawing is a portable and inexpensive medium that is great for sketching, value drawings and impromptu plein air art sessions. It is popular for both students and professional artists and is a safe and clean medium for children as well.

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