Pebeo Fragonard Artist’s Oil Colors

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Maybe you’ve been hearing glowing reviews on a line of paints.

The buttery texture glides effortlessly onto the canvas, and every color is as vivid as an emperor’s jewels.

However, oil paints can be rather costly, and the expense to purchase an entire array of colors can be considerable.

That’s where trial sets come in handy.

Yes, the tubes are small and the cost per item seems a bit steep. However, you are not using these to paint a mural sized painting either.

Manufacturers package their most popular colors especially for introducing potential users to their products. Pebeo is no exception, and they give you a nice assortment of the basics to get you started on a potential love affair with a new oil paint.

Pebeo Fragonard Artist’s Oil Colors – Trial Set of 8

Pebeo is a name that most European painters will readily recognize. In the early part of the 20th century, this French company began supplying lead oxide to paint manufacturers throughout Europe. They began to produce their own paint and have continued to blend artistic innovation with scientific precision to create a beautiful and well-respected line of products.

The Fragonard Professional Oil Line utilizes single pigments wherever possible. Mono-pigments allow an artist the most varied range of color mixing capabilities. This purity of pigment gives these paints vivid and vibrant intensity.

Pebeo Fragonard Artist’s Oil Colors – Trial Set of 8 come to you in 15 ml tubes that include Titanium White, True Cadmium Red Light, Light Ultramarine Blue, Fragonard Green, Fragonard Earth Yellow, True Cadmium Yellow Medium, Red Ochre and Fragonard Red Brown.

These building block colors will give your mixing skills a real workout. There’s no better way to become acquainted with a new acquisition than taking it out for a ride and put it through its paces.

Pebeo’s line of Fragonard Oil Paints is extensive and is available in 37 ml tubes. They also produce the most popular colors in 80 ml tubes. One interesting thing about the Fragonard oil paint line is the manufacturer’s inclusion of some very interesting colors. The list includes names like Chartreuse Yellow, Cinabre Green Extra Light, Copper, Pouzzoles Red, Venetian Orange, Stil De Grain Brown and Stil De Grain Yellow.

Try the starter set to get a feel for this creative and artistic line of paints from a manufacturer dedicated to quality products that include hues that go beyond the norm.

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