Painting for the Absolute Beginner Book

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If you’ve always wanted to paint but don’t have access to a class, you may want to consider this beginner’s book on painting.

Claire Garcia has put together a book that includes all the basics to get started with painting, as well as tips to make the job easy.

Maybe you are shy or feel embarrassed at your lack of knowledge.

Perhaps you are housebound, or lack transportation or funds to attend a class. Whatever the reason, this 160-page book gives you all the information required to begin your new hobby.

Painting for the Absolute and Utter Beginner

Ms. Garcia follows the logical steps to prepare a student artist in her book, Painting for the Absolute and Utter Beginner (ISBN-10, 0823099474). She begins with a comprehensive list of paints, brushes and all the other paraphernalia required to start painting, including the admonition to have an old shirt to protect one’s clothing.

The next section explains the use of acrylic paint and developing a feel for consistency. She then goes on to laying out paint on the palette, mixing the paint and creating colors.

She then discusses brush selection, various shapes, sizes and techniques that are used with acrylic paint. Garcia has the student create samplers to gain experience and confidence when wielding their new tools.

Ms. Garcia also gives basic concepts of spatial illusion, three-dimensional drawing and beginning compositional skills. She suggests elements for still life composition and touches on painting the human figure and portraiture.

Before the Internet, video recordings or weekly television programs, budding artists learned to paint with the aid of books. The majority of hobby and student artists lived far removed from centers of art, and they relied on books and magazines in their quest to learn this craft. Well worn and paint stained, these books became the teachers they would never meet.

The availability of instant video instruction is a great boon to an art student, but there is an intrinsic aura in a book that defies interpretation. The Favorites Bar of your Internet browser may have a list of preferred art instruction videos, but there’s simply nothing like a well-loved book to idle away a rainy Sunday.

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