Painting For Fun With Foam Paint

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Foam paint is also known as dimensional paint, 3-D paint or puff paint.

Use it on fabrics, leather, paper as well as non-porous surfaces.

This non-toxic paint is suitable for kids as well as adults and is available from many manufacturers in a variety of colors and applicators.

Clothing As Your Canvas

Foam paint is a quick and inexpensive medium to personalize cloths and create colorful one-of-a-kind fabric designs. The paint is packaged in tubes or bottles with applicator tips that allow you to draw, write or make precise dots or lines without a brush.

Use ready-made clothes such as t-shirts, canvas sneakers or jeans to decorate for fun, designer looks. Add a motif to a baby’s onsie or a teen’s t-shirt for a quick and inexpensive gift.

Purchase patterned fabric, and add additional designs to embellish the design. Use the fabric to create clothing, purses or other accessories with a decorator style.
The paint should dry for four hours before wearing and is washable after 72 hours.

Add Punch To Paper Products

Create beautiful mono-prints with 3-D paints. Apply your design to a paper surface and then carefully position a second sheet of paper over it. Gently press the paper flat with your hand and separate the two pieces. You’ve created two prints that are very similar. Allow the paint to dry before using the paper.

This paint is great for decorating scrapbooks and journals. The paint can be applied in a thick, three-dimensional fashion by allowing the paint to build up for added texture. It can be used to write names and titles of pages or to accent passages in a journal. Scrapbooks are a never-ending source of embellishment fun as the crafter adds pages and mementos to the scrapbook.

Decorate Wood And Non-Porous Materials

The puff paint can be used to embellish home decorator items like wooden plaques, craft items and cardboard. Gift items including personalized monogram letters and other wooden wall décor are easy to paint or stain and finish with the 3-D paint. Children’s décor is a natural for cartoon creatures and scenes highlighted with the texture paint for eyes, noses and other accents.

Spray paint a base color on eggshells that have been blown hollow. Use foam paint to create an intricate design of tiny dots and lines of color to replicate the look of jeweled Fabergé eggs or traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs.

Add a designer look to your fall decorating. Use pumpkins and gourds to create a centerpiece for your dining table, mantle or even the front porch. Spray paint gourds and pumpkins with base colors in a related color family. Use white or pearlized foam paint to decorate the pieces with elaborate motifs to create a knockout centerpiece that will last through the holidays.

Dimensional Paint Brands And Varieties

Tulip makes several dimensional paints. They include the Puffy, Slick, Pearl and Glitter Paint lines. They also have Metallic and Glow in the Dark dimensional paint to round out the line. Each line has a unique selection of colors and work well with each other.

DecoArt features its Americana and Glow in the Dark Dimensional Writers lines of paint for fabrics and other surfaces.

Liquigems by Liquitex is a mica-infused acrylic paint that has a glitter effect.

Jones Tones has several lines of foam craft paint that is glue based. This makes it versatile for use in adhering glitter, sequins and gems to craft projects. Their lines include Puff Paints, Glossy Paints, Metallic Paints and Glitter Paints.

Dimensional paint is a general category that includes paints that are heavy-bodied to retain a three-dimensional appearance and paints that expand after application. Use these paints to add a decorator touch to purchased items, embellishing them with your artistic flair. Create crafts to augment your budding art career or as special gifts for friends and family.

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