Paint Sets For Kids

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If you’re looking for art supplies for your little ones, there is plenty of variety available for even the tiniest Tintoretto. Get your children started with art supplies created especially for them.

Kid’s art supplies should be safe and Mom-friendly. Choose paints that are non-toxic, since they’ll invariably wind up between the lips of your little one. They should also clean up without leaving stains, as you know you’ll find paint splotches in the most interesting places.

Grab N’ Go Edible Finger Paint Set

Grab N’ Go Edible Finger Paint Set Made with Organic Ingredients ASIN: B005PO4PIO

Little kids are natural artists who also tend to stick everything within reach into their mouths. Providing them with safe, non-toxic art supplies can be a challenge.

Wee Can Too Art has developed a non-toxic, all natural paint that is CPSIA compliant and will leave parents stress-free while the little ones create their next masterpiece.

This edible paint is organic and made with plant-based ingredients. The powder contains no wheat or dairy products, so they are safe for children with dietary sensitivities. The powdered paint is vegan based with natural colorants such as blueberries, beets, pumpkin and spinach.

The 10 ounces of powder come in blue, red, yellow and green primary colors. Mix with water to form the desired consistency and amount so there’s no waste. The powder comes in clear plastic containers for storage.

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Alex Jumbo Water Color Set

Alex Jumbo Water Color Set by Alex Toys ASIN: B000BR827U

Dry pan paints are great for kids. Painting disasters happen, and dry pan watercolors minimize the quantity of paint slopped onto floors, tables, walls and ceilings. Yes, we said ceilings. Do not underestimate a child’s capacity for destruction by paint.

The Alex Toys Jumbo Water Color Set comes in a convenient tray with eight large cakes of color. The colors include green, black, red, pink, yellow, purple, orange, and blue, and the lid can be used as a palette for mixing. The set also includes a brush, so little hands can begin learning how to paint with something other than their fingers.

The paints are opaque and dry with rich, vibrant colors. The large cakes stand up to water and do not melt easily, so the paint lasts and lasts. This economical and kid-friendly set will keep your children relatively clean and producing refrigerator arts for months.

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Crayola Washable Fingerpaints

Crayola 4ct Washable Fingerpaints Primary ASIN: B002VBXL52

Get your toddler interested in art with Crayola’s fingerpaints. Long before your mini-artist can wield a brush, he’ll be happily painting away with fingers, hands and toes when you provide him with furniture-safe and wall-safe paints from a name you can trust.
This paint washes off without leaving a stain on floors, walls, toys or body parts.

Since it is non-toxic, it’s safe for embellishing arms, legs and faces. Although body art is not an advertised feature of the product, it’s a normal activity for any three-year old.

Crayola fingerpaints come in safe, easy-to-use squeeze tubes. The four primary colors include red, yellow, blue and green. If you’re inclined to trust them, youngsters will find the four-ounce tubes easy to use. The paint is a no-spill formula, so disasters will hopefully be minor ones.

The generous size tubes are value-priced and are an inexpensive set that will keep your little ones painting for weeks.

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Young Artist Texture Paint Set

Young Artist Texture Painting Set by Faber Castell ASIN: B0033BFK4Y

Maybe you’re taking the kids to grandma’s for the day or are packing for a trip. Prepare for indoor activities that will keep the kids quiet and occupied with an art set that comes in its own carrying case.

Faber Castell has come up with a great tote bag full of fun and educational art supplies for your little Picasso. The Artist Texture Painting Set is packed with paints, brushes and mixing bowl to give you child hours of painting fun. The clear zippered case also includes paper and an instruction guide with tips on mixing colors and painting techniques geared for little folks.

The five bottles of color are black, white, red, yellow and blue, so there’s lots of opportunity to learn the basics of color mixing. Included in the set are five texture tools, which kids can use to learn how to hold a brush and create interesting effects with ease. The tools have interesting heads that create instant textures with just a swipe across the paper. Little ones can also use the non-toxic paint for fingerpainting or use with a standard brush.

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  1. I want to make wooden toys for my daughter, but cannot figure out what kind of paint to use. I want to use something non-toxic & safe to chew on as she is 9 months old & everything goes in her mouth! I would like to use something vibrant & am willing to seal them as well!

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