Paint Markers For Oils And Acrylics

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As I wrote earlier this year, I discovered paint brush pens for watercolor painting.

Now, I’ve stumbled upon paint markers for both acrylic and oil painting. Regardless of your chosen medium, there’s a handy-dandy portable version of your favorite paint to tote around most everywhere you go.

Not only are these versatile markers great for on-the-spot sketching or signing your name on your painting, but they can also be utilized in the studio as well. If you’re a crafter, you may well use them on glassware, ceramics and painting rocks. Your kids probably have loads of markers, so you’re accustomed to markers as a part of your daily craft life.

However, if you’re a painter and are generally working on a standard ground like prepared, stretched canvas, you may not have looked at markers as an artist’s medium.

Markers Made For A Variety Of Surfaces

The good news is, there are a number of markers that work quite well with prepared canvas. Not all markers are up to the task of working on what may be a rather rough and hard surface, and they may only color the high points of the canvas’s bumpy texture.

These markers tend to minimize the flow of the paint to the tip, which is great for working on paper or thin, porous surfaces. However, unless you want a real dry-brush appearance, these low-flow markers may not be your best choice.

These markers are available with different sized tips. From extra-fine to 15mm, there are several nib shapes like chiseled, broad, needle tip and calligraphy stylus.

With the variety of tip shapes and sizes, you may be tempted to buy everything. If you have a wealthy patron, by all means, go ahead and splurge! However, if you’re like most of us, you’ll need to limit your purchases. Think about the kind of painting you’re doing and how paint markers could make your paintings better, easier, crisper, faster – there are loads of ways markers could add to your painting pleasure!

Water-Based Acrylic Markers

If you’re working with acrylic paints, these markers are right up your alley. They dry quickly and are available in many colors and tip sizes. Water-based markers are not all created the same. The markers you want are opaque, so they’ll show up on your painting.

Oil-Based Markers

Oil-based markers have been around for a while. They’ve been used on ceramics, wood and glass for years. Now artists realize they can come in handy for detail work and lettering on their artwork.

Posca markers are very popular. They have tons of colors and tip sizes available, and you’ll find various sets with basic or more complete color choices.

Derwent makes a wide array of pens, pencils and markers, and you’ll find a nice variety of oil-based markers in their inventory.

There are tons of manufacturers producing all sorts of water-based acrylic markers. You’ll find many more that work with canvas and lots of other materials.

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