OttLite L24554 24-Watt Floor Lamp

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Lighting is crucial for an artist.

Painting under natural light, preferably from the North, is an artist’s aspiration.

However, not many artists are blessed with a wonderful Northern window under which to paint.

Most are relegated to under-lit, cramped rooms with little or no natural lighting.

What is an artist to do? Incandescent bulbs are yellow and weak. Fluorescent lighting is harsh, blue and tends to flicker, tiring the eyes and nerves of those who labor beneath it. Technology, in its ever-thoughtful nature, has come up with full spectrum lighting, which emulates natural lighting for the artist and craftsperson.

OttLite L24554 24-Watt Floor Lamp by Ott-lite

This OttLite L24554 24-Watt Floor Lamp by Ott-lite (ASIN: B000YZ8TGI) is a little piece of the sun. Right there in the studio, illuminating the artist’s paint and painting, it provides the broad spectrum lighting an artist needs to capture the subtleties of color, tone and hue for his work.

Even an artist fortunate enough to have great windows and natural light needs the help of artificial lighting for painting at night and when dreary days do not properly illuminate his work.

Lighting For Every Reason

Crafters, as well as artists, will appreciate the warm, even lighting an OttLite provides. Whether scrapbooking or doing embroidery, natural light helps a craftsman to select the right color for the project. How sad to invest countless hours on a piece, only to find that the colors clash horribly. Save time, save eyesight and save face using full spectrum lighting.

OttLite lamps are energy efficient, and the 24-watt bulbs are rated to last up to 10,000 hours, for inexpensive years of use.

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