Nontoxic Art Paints for Children

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Children are natural born artists.

However, they also are naturally inquisitive.

For kids, one of the most direct ways of investigating anything is to insert it directly into the mouth.

Since this natural genetic trait is not likely to change in the foreseeable future, provide your budding Picasso with art supplies that merely stain tongue and teeth. Save doctor visits for important things like an item lodged in a nostril or any other kid-unfriendly project gone terribly awry. At least you won’t have to worry about a little paint ingestion.

There’s lots of age appropriate art supplies for your toddler to begin his artistic endeavors. As your children grow out of finger paints, get them started with art supplies they’ll enjoy and are still safe if a stray smear of paint winds up on face, hands or mouth. These products are not only safe and formulated for children; they’re great for the inner child in all of us. Since all these products are easy to clean up with soap and water, they’re mom-approved as well.

Crayola 4 count Washable Fingerpaints

Crayola 4 count Washable Fingerpaints ASIN: B002VBXL52

This creamy paint comes packaged in easy-to-squeeze plastic tubes with flip-top caps that are just right for small fingers and hands. The thick consistency minimizes paint running down your children’s arms and helps keep the paint where it belongs.

The green, blue, orange and purple colors are vivid, bold and non-toxic. This paint also washes clean from skin and fabrics, so it’s mom-friendly as well as formulated with children’s safety in mind. Although this is non-toxic and kid-approved, it should not be used for face painting

Crayola Washable Watercolors 24 Count

Crayola Washable Watercolors 24 Count Pan With Brush ASIN: B000GZCBFG

Once your little one has grown past the finger painting stage, it’s time to introduce him to painting with a brush. Crayola’s 24-Pan Washable Watercolors are a perfect way to give your child a wide variety of colors in a convenient set of non-spill, dry paints.

The 24 colors of washable paints are remarkably vivid and safe for even the littlest artist in the family. The set comes packed with a brush, so all you need to add is water, paper and your child’s creativity.

Wee Can Too Art Grab N’ Go Edible Finger Paint

Wee Can Too Art Grab N’ Go Edible Finger Paint ASIN: B005PO4PIO

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, the Wee Can Too Art folks have created finger paint that is totally organic and edible. Although you may not want your tiny Titian getting his main dietary requirements from his art supplies, you can breath easy knowing an occasional snack of finger paints is perfectly safe.

These paints come in four hues that get their colors from nature. The blue is colored with blueberries, and red is given its rosy glow from beets. Yellow gets its sunny color from pumpkin, and spinach gives green its grass-like hue. Not only are the ingredients natural, they’re vegan for all you health conscious parents. The paints do not contain any wheat, dairy products, preservatives or sugar. The only thing they would need to add is a few vitamins and minerals, and you’d have an instant emergency energy snack.

These paints come to you as powder in jars, so you can mix up paint as your little artist needs it. The 10 ounces of paint powder are packaged in a convenient tote, so it’s ready to pack up and take to Grandma’s or to the backyard when a painting session gets a little too frantic.

These products are CPSIA Compliant, made with organically grown fruit and vegetables, and contain rice cereal and rice flour.

Prang Color Wand Crayons

Prang Color Wand Crayons 6-Color Box ASIN: B001CUAE94

This six-color set comes in metallic red, green, gold, blue, silver and purple for a selection of colors that your little one is sure to love. The blendable crayons are packaged in plastic sleeves and are extended with a twist of the top. The plastic sleeves ensure that most of the color stays on the paper and not on your child’s fingers, toes, knees or cheeks.

The colors are water soluble, so children can use a wet brush or sponge to blend the crayon strokes into flowing watercolor designs. The supple texture of the crayons glides smoothly and the colors have a soft, metallic sheen.

This product is PMA and AP certified non-toxic and is washable for all body parts and most fabrics.

2-Ounce Glow In The Dark Acrylic Paint

2-Ounce Glow In The Dark Acrylic Paint, 6 Color Set By Handy Art Rock Paint ASIN: B007TIE6DS

This six-color set of acrylic paints is sure to be a hit with all the kids. The paint glows in the dark and is a great product for making scary Halloween projects for kids of any age.

Acrylics are water resistant when dry and can be used on almost any surface. The paint dries to a semi-gloss finish, is durable and flexible. The colors are mixable and can be thinned with water.

This certified AP non-toxic paint comes in yellow, orange, blue, green, red and clear colors and is packaged in 2-ounce containers. This paint is non-toxic, but it is not recommended for face painting.

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  1. There is a non toxic paint made from ingredients used in kitchens daily like sugar and cornstarch. It’s called “It’s Safe For Me” Toddler Paint. You can also check out the fun facebook page “Safe For Me Toddler Paint”.

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