Mica Powder Adds Shimmer And Shine To Your Art

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Here’s a new one on me – Mica powder. Of course, I’ve heard of the mineral Mica. It’s a common mineral and is used for both personal products and industrial applications. Mica powder is used in cosmetics, soaps, lotions, as well as art supplies.

One of the cool things about it is that it’s not a hazardous product and you can use it to add shimmery color to lots of your arts and crafts creations.

Rubber Stamping And Embossing

If you’re into journaling or scrapbooking, you’ve probably gotten hooked on stamping. Whether you’re creating your own stamps or purchasing stamps, you can add subtle punch to your designs with mica powder.

Sprinkle mica powder on your freshly stamped design while the ink is still wet. When the ink is completely dry, brush or tap off excess powder.

You can also use clear pigment ink, so the color will come specifically from the powder you’ve applied.


Decoupage has been around for nearly 1000 years and is a simple and satisfying way to decorate all sorts of things. Today crafters typically use products like Mod Podge, which is a water-based acrylic sealant.

You can add mica powder to your decoupage projects to give the entire piece a sparkling glow. You can also add mica powder to small areas of the project by mixing a bit of the powder with a small amount of sealant and ‘paint’ select portions of the piece before completing the item with an all-over coating of Mod Podge.


Add mica powder directly to your clay before producing your piece, if you plan to use a clear glaze. You can also add mica powder to your ceramic glaze to add luster to the paint. Mica powder can be added to craft clays like Fimo and other polymer clays.


Mica powder is perfect for use in acrylic paints. You can add it directly to your paint, or you can mix it with medium. Since it’s available in so many colors, you can easily match it to your palette or use it alone to enhance or modify areas you’ve already painted.

Furniture Refinishing

If furniture refinishing is your thing, you’re probably always on the lookout for new finishes and techniques to expand your repertoire. You can also include it in finishing for hardware, as well as the wood itself. Adding mica powder to your finish can add that wow factor you’re looking for in creating home décor that makes a statement.

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