Metallic Paints Add Luster To Any Project

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You can try to emulate metallic finishes all you want, but you’ll never get that true metal sheen without using a metallic paint.

Years ago, these finishes were non-existent or at least very costly. Now you can purchase many faux-metal paints for the same price as all your other acrylics.

So Many Ways To Use Metallic Paint

For artists and crafters, there are myriad applications for metallic paints of all hues. In fine art, you may add highlights to a still life that features metallic containers or other objects. There are specific techniques for creating the appearance of metal without the use of metallic paint, but it’s fun to add just a touch to emphasize the luster. Thinned with acrylic medium, the paint gives just a hint of the metallic sheen when glazed over other colors, so you can give an added metallic glow to anything in your painting.

Crafters also find loads of ways to use metallic paint. Painting a frame, embellishing a decorative box and lettering a scrapbook page are just a few of the most common projects that come to mind.

Decorators and DIY buffs may find the metallic acrylic paints are great for accenting furniture, repairing damage to the finish of a gilded picture frame or use it to paint a found object for a shabby-chic upcycle look. Update the look of existing drawer knobs and pulls with a coat of metallic paint and add dimension with a dark sepia or umber rubbed into the details.

Faux painters and Mural painters will appreciate the natural look of these metallic paints for adding realism to faux-metal paint images in their projects.
Fabric artists can use these metallic paints to decorate scarves and other clothing items by thinning the paint with acrylic fabric paint thinner. Acrylic adheres to leather and vinyl, so you can use the metallic paint to embellish bags, purses, jackets belts and shoes.

Tri-Art Acrylic Iridescent Paint Set

Tri-Art Professional-FQ Liquids Acrylic Iridescent Paint Set ASIN: B00BEGLSO6

Tri-Art produces a diverse line of acrylic paint products, and this iridescent paint set is a perfect way to try out some of their products. Rather than purchasing individual bottles of paint, this set comes with all the metallic hues you could possibly need. As a bonus, the set comes with a bottle of acrylic medium, and it’s packaged in a handy, reusable lidded jar.

The paints are packaged in 2-ounce bottles and the medium in a 4-ounce container. This is a generous amount when you compare the size of the packaging with other similarly priced metallic paints.

This liquid acrylic paint set includes Iridescent Bronze, Iridescent Copper, Iridescent Pale Gold, Iridescent Gold Deep, Iridescent Pearl and Iridescent Silver. Used alone or as a glaze over other paint, these colors will add a lustrous glow to your next art project.

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