Maimeri Oil Paint

Maimeri is a family based company that has produced art paints for nearly a century near Milan, Italy.

They use traditional formulations and blend pure pigments and oils to create their paints.

Maimeri produces specialized lines of products, based on different criteria.

These lines of coordinated color palettes represent a combination of quality and commitment to ecologically safe products that provide artists with a superior painting experience.

Painting With The Palette Of Old World Masters

The Renaissance Oil Colors are formulated specifically to replicate hues used by the Italian Masters during the Renaissance. The years from 1330–1595 spanned the height of artistic development in Italy and produced artists such as Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Bellini.

Maimeri Renaissance Oil Colors are traditionally ground in cold-pressed walnut oil. This oil resists yellowing and offers outstanding film strength, and the pigments used are based on traditional formulas of the era. However, unstable and toxic pigments have been replaced with contemporary substitutes in keeping with modern safety and permanence regulations. The 11 colors in the line are individually prepared to replicate the same tactile and visual qualities found in the original recipes.

This line of colors is coordinated to blend with the Maimeri Italian Natural Earth Oil Colors, complementing the color range to expand the old world palette.

21st Century Paints For Contemporary Artists

Maimeri HD Oils is a state-of-the-art culmination of high-tech color pigments and precision blending of traditional oils to produce the brilliance and concentration that modern reproduction demands.

Publication for the viewing audience now includes high definition screens for computers, smart phones and tablets. This experience is far different from the paper photographic images of the past and requires bold and intense color to maximize the reproductions.

As a result of this new way of viewing images, Maimeri developed its latest line of oil paint in response to the needs of forward thinking artists by incorporating the intense color experience with the stability and concentration that the oil medium provides. Although the idea was originally conceived as an acrylic line of paints, it became evident that the acrylic medium could not support the concentration and clarity the project required.

The resulting medium, formulated with fast drying oils, generally dries in 24 to 48 hours. This quick drying formulation and the intense saturation of color makes the Maimeri HD Oils perfect for younger artists to experience and consider oil as a painting medium.

The line includes 29 colors of transparent and exceptionally vivid hues, which includes two fluorescent colors. The 100 percent recyclable Coex plastic tubes feature transparent areas to allow the artist to see the paint color easily.

Whether a student is looking for paints to replicate the look and feel of old master techniques or is striving to push the envelope artistically, Maimeri Oil Paints should definitely be on the short list.

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