Loew Cornell 659 Brush Set

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The most personal tools in an artist’s tabouret are his brushes.

An artist is always on a quest for the perfect brush. It does not need to be expensive.

It merely has to do the job right.

Like a carpenter, an artist can never have too many tools. Just glance around his studio and you will find dozens of brushes in all shapes and sizes.

If you are a watercolorist or paint in acrylics there are so many choices that it is a little overwhelming. The range of sizes, shapes and bristles from which to choose is immense, and since many crafters use the same types of brushes for their work, the crafter’s lines of brushes can be added to the mix as well.

Loew Cornell 659 Brush Set

The Loew Cornell 659 Brush Set, Golden Nylon Acrylic ASIN: B004185GDI is a smart choice in moderately priced brushes. The set of eight comes with the following brushes:

• Round Sizes 3/0, 1, and 5
• Liner Size 6/0
• Shaders Size 4,6,8
• Glazing ¾”

These brushes have short, five-inch handles for precise control. The green acrylic handles have beveled ends, which is great for scraping away paint or impressing lines for leaf veining or texture on tree trunks. Since they have short handles, they are perfect for compact travel paint boxes. They slip neatly into a pencil pouch to carry to class or for impromptu plein air painting.

Nylon bristles make sturdy, long lasting brushes that hold their shape and absorb a lot of paint. The texture of the bristles is just right for watercolor painting, or for oil and acrylic when thinned with medium or water. However, since they have short handles they are best suited for watercolor or close-up work.

Crafters will appreciate the flexibility of these brushes, and kids will love the brightly colored handles. They make excellent all-around utility brushes, and the economical price makes it convenient to have several sets of this handy set.

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