Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel Acrylic Medium

You’ve developed a passion for acrylics and are painting every chance you get.

That thick, impasto look is really appealing, and you love the results you’ve been getting.

However, the technique uses a lot of paint, and it’s getting a little costly to follow your muse and keep within a budget.

If you use a great deal of paint and medium, consider buying your supplies in large quantity.

A substantial part of the cost of any item is the packaging. It is often more economical to purchase the jumbo size container if you will be using it in a timely fashion. This goes for art supplies as well as corn flakes. If you use a lot of acrylic medium, you can save by purchasing it in large quantity jars.

Liquitex 8-Ounce Gloss Heavy Gel Acrylic Medium

If you use a heavy impasto technique, do preliminary work with the gel to build up the textural surface of the canvas. This allows you to create the depth and texture with a less costly medium. Once this layer has dried, complete the canvas with standard acrylic paint. You have achieved the textural effect you want without using a great quantity of the more expensive paint.

Liquitex 8-Ounce Gloss Heavy Gel Acrylic Medium Gel (ASIN: B000KNLFCO) is perfect to use for adding collage to your work. The heavy texture ensures good adhesion, and the translucent gel dries with little shrinkage and keeps your collage items protected and shiny. It dries clear and does not yellow over time.

Artists can create additional texture by adding sand, glass beads, sawdust or other foreign substances to the medium. Using too much textural material will break down the structure of the gel, which can cause it to lose adhesion to the canvas.

Acrylic medium can be thinned with up to 25 percent water. It blends well with all acrylic paints and lengthens drying time. It also adds transparency and gives additional body to paint.

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