Li’l DaVinci Kids’ Art Cabinet Frames

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Do you have a budding Picasso in your household?

Whether it’s finger paints, crayons or watercolors, your darling’s artwork can be matted and framed in a matter of minutes to decorate any room in your house!

You’ve probably filled all available space on your refrigerator, and tacking or taping them to a wall seems like such a poor way to protect these priceless treasures.

Purchasing dozens and dozens of frames can become a costly endeavor, and there IS only so much wall space available unless you live in a mansion.

So, what’s a parent to do? Don’t relegate last month’s creations to a cardboard box shoved onto a closet shelf; keep your child’s precious paintings secure and close-at-hand with self-storing, pre-matted picture frames

Not only are kid’s art frames a great way to display current artwork, but these well-designed frames also can safely store your child’s ever-growing portfolio. Depending on the model, the frames can store from 50 to 100 pages.

Sizes And Colors

Offered individually and in sets, the frames are available in several sizes: 8.5”x11”, 9”x12”, 12”x18” and 18”x24”. Color choices for the frames are black, cherry or white, and a white matte is permanently affixed inside.

The depth of the unit is approximately 1-1/2”, so it does protrude from the wall, like a shadow box. This depth is necessary for storing approximately 50 pieces of artwork.

How To Hang The Frame

Unlike regular picture frame mounting hardware, Li’l Davinci Kid’s Art Frames uses two mounting screws that are installed into the wall, and the solid-backed frame easily mounts onto the screws through the holes in the back of the unit.

The frames can be hung vertically or horizontally, and a wall-hanging template makes it easy to position the mounting screws properly in either format.

The 8-1/2”x11” unit also includes a removable table stand for displaying smaller pieces on a mantel or table.

Adding Artwork To The Frame

With the frame securely fastened to the wall, you merely open the hinged ‘door’ front of the frame. It has a clasp, so it stays closed until you’re ready to add new artwork.

There is spring-loaded backing at all four corners of the frame, so you simply press the paper in, and the pressure holds the page in place.

Paper And Sizing

The frame sizes given by the manufacturer are for the size of paper they will hold, not the overall dimensions of the frame units.

These frames are specifically sized to hold standard sizes of paper, so when you’re shopping for art paper for your little DaVinci, purchase the size of paper that will fit each frame. You really don’t want to spend hours cutting down over-sized paper to fit, and if the paper is undersized, it won’t be held in place by the spring-load corners.

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