Lightweight Aluminum Easel

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Artists dream of having a beautiful, hardwood easel that towers in the corner of their studio.

They imagine its finely polished wood casting shimmering reflections of the north light.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming, and most artists have exceptional skills in fantasizing.

Until the day arrives when the art fairy knocks on your door bearing gifts, or an anonymous patron gives you carte blanche credit at the local art supply store, a portable aluminum easel may be a more reasonable desire.

TRIC has come up with a sturdy, inexpensive unit that will suit the needs of most artists and is light enough to tote into the great outdoors for plein air sessions.

TRIC Lightweight Aluminum Easel with Travel Bag

Packing for a day of on-location painting can be a challenge. Weighing less than two pounds and neatly stored in a nylon travel bag, the TRIC Lightweight Aluminum Easel (ASIN: B00251CUJQ) is a great choice for plein air painting. It folds into a 21-inch long tote with shoulder strap, so it doesn’t take up precious cargo space in a valise or bin and leaves both hands free.

The easel’s light weight is rather misleading. The aluminum construction is solid, and the design provides a stable tri-pod frame that easily holds large, heavy tablets and canvases. It can support a canvas that is 32-inches tall. For the vast majority of artists, that dimension is certainly sufficient.

The easel can be used with legs fully extended as a floor model. The horizontal tray is adjustable to accommodate large or small supports. This offers adaptability for the artist who stands at his work, an artist seated on a stool or a child.

Collapse the legs and voilà; you have created an instant tabletop easel. Artists who prefer working while seated at a desk or table will appreciate the versatility the TRIC Lightweight Aluminum Easel provides.

Since many artist students dabble in a broad range of mediums and methods, this lightweight aluminum easel affords the luxury of several styles of easels at the cost of only one piece of equipment.

When you are making choices to outfit your budding studio or to economize on outdoor painting supplies, consider the TRIC Lightweight Aluminum Easel as a functional piece of equipment that is worth far more than its inexpensive price.

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