Learning Colors With Pantone

Kids love art and color, and it’s never too early to introduce your child to games that help them develop an understanding of colors, shades and tones.

There are loads of ways to start explaining colors and their names, and you certainly don’t need any special products.

However, when you’re in the car, sitting in a waiting room, visiting relatives or other occasions when compact, non-messy and quiet is good, Pantone’s kid’s products are perfect for spur-of-the-moment distractions.

Pantone Color Cards

Pantone Color Cards ISBN-10 : 1419706268

When you’re ready to move beyond red, blue and yellow, here’s a great little product that will help you expand your child’s knowledge of color in a fun, game-like atmosphere. Pantone has put together a great set of color flash cards that are perfect for your future artist!

This set of 18 cards is very heavy duty and thick, so it can withstand the rough treatment those little hands can inflict. They’re oversized and easy for kids to hold, so they’re even good for developing muscle and motor skills.

The 18 cards are divided into two tones of the nine basic color groupings. The colors also have kid-friendly names like worm pink, kangaroo brown and grasshopper green, so it’s easy for children to remember the names of the different colors.

The front side is a solid swatch of the color with the name at the bottom. The reverse side features multi-hue comic-style art images that kid’s can use as an ‘I Spy’ game’ to find images that match the color on the other side.

Pantone: Colors

Pantone: Colors ISBN-10 : 1419701800

Pantone’s Colors book is a great way to introduce children to the infinite world of color. Using the nine basic colors, one page shows 20 variations of a color hue and the facing page has a cute illustration using many of the colors found on the preceding page.

This format allows children to see that there is a great variety of shades of any one color and helps them develop visual discrimination between shades and tones. The colors range from pale, medium and dark, and each color has a child-approved name like bubblegum pink and frog green, so they can develop word/color relationships in a fun way.

The book measures 8″x9″ and is made of sturdy cardboard so that it can withstand lots of use and abuse.

Pantone: Color Puzzles

Pantone: Color Puzzles: 6 Color-Matching Puzzles ISBN-10 : 1419709399

This fun box of books is perfect for learning about color shades. Each puzzle book allows kids to learn about varying shades of a color family and develop their spatial and fine motor skills by working the puzzle pieces. Each puzzle has four removable puzzle pieces, and each one is dedicated to one of the basic color groupings on the color wheel.

As with all the other Pantone early learning products, this set of puzzles is sturdily made to withstand the machinations of the toughest little taskmaster. The puzzles all are packaged in a handy box, so this is an easy choice to pack into your busy bag for on-the-road or trips to visit grandma.

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