Kid’s Fun Time Activity – Color In Tattoos

DIY color-in tattoos are a great activity for rainy days, snow days and any sort of kid’s party.

Children love drawing and painting, and somehow they especially enjoy using their own little selves as canvases for their artistic endeavors!

Rather than letting them go crazy with tempera paint or markers, why not pick up color-in tattoo kits that are specifically made just for body decoration? These kits are non-toxic and are made with paints that will last long enough to enjoy, but not permanent, so your little darlings can be cleaned up when necessary.

There are loads of fun packages containing many different themes, colors and sizes. Choose from kits for younger children, boys, girls, big kids and even adults. This is an activity your kids will love, and you’ll get a few quiet moments while they’re busy painting and decorating each other!

Color-in Glitter Tattoos

Color-in Glitter Tattoos By Creativity For Kids ASIN: B004O786SS

With over 60 tattoo transfers, this package gives your kids lots of opportunities to create their own colorful tattoos.

The transfer patterns range in both size and complexity, so your younger child will be able to paint along with the older kids.

The set includes four skin-safe markers and four rhinestone tattoos, along with an application sponge and a brush.

There is even a container of glitter to glam up the tattoos for added fun.

Kids Color-In Metallic Tattoos

Creativity for Kids Color-In Metallic Tattoos By Creativity For Kids ASIN: B007QNHIOU

Now your little guys can get their rock n’roll on with this fun set of metallic color-in tattoos!

With over 40 color-in transfers, your kids can design all sorts of cool body art that you can thankfully remove when it’s time for dressing up for company.

The kit includes four colored markers and two metallic markers for a wide range of styles and designs.

With designs any little guy will love, this is a perfect package for your rough and tumble set.

Hip Hop Color-in Tattoos

Hip Hop Color-in Tattoos ASIN: B0048ELGBQ

This is a great big set that’s perfect for a party.

With over 100 tattoos, there’s plenty of designs for everyone.

The package includes six markers for coloring in the designs, a pair of scissors to cut out the designs, a sponge for application of the completed designs and instruction on how to use the stencils.

There’s a huge array of stencils, so there’s something for everyone – from skulls and ‘tough guy’ stuff to butterflies and fairies, your kids will all find the perfect tattoo.

Color In Temporary Tattoos

Color In Temporary Tattoos By NPW ASIN: B01DG0MI2S

This simple kit includes instructions on how to use and apply the stencils, four skin-safe temporary markers and 20 sea-life themed stencils.

The cute sea creatures are great for boys or girls, and the pack is a fun gift for any child over three years of age.

These cartoon-like creatures are perfect for little children, and the tattoos will stay in place until they’re washed off.

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