Iwata-Medea Cleaning Station

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Airbrush artists really have it made.

They have at their fingertips a continuous flow of paint, no brushes to clean out or palettes to scrap and wash.

However, there is the problem of cleaning out their airbrush without getting paint all over and the associated fumes it creates.

If you’ve dumped your brushes in favor of airbrush art or have added an airbrush to enhance your brushwork, some accessories can make your live easier and keep your studio cleaner and less toxic.

Iwata-Medea Cleaning Station

The Iwata-Medea Cleaning Station (ASIN: B000VADIVC) provides a compact and easy-to-use container to clean airbrush nozzles without filling the studio with paint fumes. As an added bonus, it makes a safe and stable airbrush stand that works with most models.

The base is heavy glass, so it is stable when used as an airbrush caddy. The unit comes with an extra rubber grommet seal and a quality plastic cup with screw on lid. The unit is compact, so it will fit in small workspaces or packs up easily to take to on-site painting locations.

This type of cleaning system is also economical. Think how much paper toweling you may be using to clean your airbrush. This cuts down on wasted paper towels and prevents you from inhaling the fumes emitted from the cleaning solution. This is a far more environmentally friendly method of cleaning your equipment, and it is safe for anyone that may be in the vicinity.

It works with both siphon feed and gravity feed airbrushes. The heavy glass base, metal kickstand and hard plastic lid are well made and durable. The filter fits into the lid and is simple to remove and replace. The unit comes with one installed filter and two replacement filters. Replacements are reasonable priced and widely available.

Cleaning an airbrush isn’t just as simple as swishing a brush in a cleaning solution. You can gum up a nozzle or have ugly mud-color paint from switching colors without proper cleaning. Yes, you can spray into a plastic jug with a hole cut into it, but there are certainly inexpensive solutions that are well worth the small investment.
An added savings comes from not buying an additional airbrush holder, as this works very well for most models and brands.

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