Instant Art In A Box

If you’re looking for an artsy project for the kids or you need an inexpensive and creative gift for a youngster, look no further!

This all-in-one package contains everything your pintsize Picasso needs to create unique, personalized gifts that any grandma or aunt will be proud to display on her refrigerator art gallery.

Party Perfect Project

If you’re throwing a birthday party or hosting a sleepover, get a couple of these kits, add a few more brushes and markers, and you’ve got a great ‘quiet time’ project that will keep the guests busy. They also have a little gift to take home with them when they’re done.

Permanent Markers Work Great Too

One resourceful mom found that there weren’t enough paints for all the guests attending her child’s birthday party. So, she brought out permanent markers as an alternative to the included paints.

She reports the markers were a hit and worked very well with the porous tiles. There’s no report, however, of how successful she was getting stained fingers and hands cleaned up before the kids were ready to leave.

Magnet Tiles For Lockers

These magnets stick to any steel surface, and your teen’s locker is probably magnet-friendly. Tweens and teens love to decorate their lockers. I’m not sure when that happened.

My high school locker was strictly for storing my coat, gym stuff and books.

Kids now use their lockers as their own little Martha Stewart decorating project and deck them out with all sorts of locker decor. I even saw a fuchsia locker liner mat at the store the other day. Really? But, I digress.

Get a Magnetic Mini Tile Art kit for your teenager. She’ll have great fun painting the tile magnets to personalize her locker with her own unique style. They’ll also be useful for holding those important papers like upcoming events and the note she got from that cute guy.

Inexpensive And Fun For Everyone

4M Magnetic Mini Tile Art ASIN: B0016ISNW2

4M makes lots of arts, crafts and science kits for kids from age five and up. Many of these projects are cool enough that moms and dads will get them just so they can “help!”

This mini tile art kit is one that everyone can enjoy. Kids, as young as five, will enjoy painting with a parent’s supervision. Older kids will have fun creating little handmade gifts for friends and relatives. And, I know more than a few grown-ups who would really enjoy painting miniatures for their own refrigerator magnet collections.

Instant Art Project

Everything you need comes in a box, so there’s no hunting for supplies. That’s a nice feature that parents appreciate. There’s no need for chasing around looking for necessary components that the manufacturer neglected to include in the package.

The kit contains 12- 2″x2″ porous ceramic tiles. The porous nature of the tiles gives them a receptive surface for paint or marker.

The paint dries to a matte finish, but you could coat the piece with a clear gloss finish to give the piece a shiny appearance. This would also serve to protect the artwork if it needed to be cleaned.

Rubber magnets are included for each tile, and they are attached to the finished artwork with the double-sided adhesive tape that’s also included in the kit.

Your little artist also receives five containers of non-toxic, kid-safe paint and a paintbrush. You could also augment the paint supply with acrylic craft paint that you probably already have in your stash. Since the kit only comes with one paintbrush, you may want to add a couple more, so you or your child isn’t constantly cleaning the brush between color changes.

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