How To Draw What You See

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Becoming a successful artist means knowing how to draw.

A cook learns many skills before becoming a chef, and an artist must learn how to draw before he masters painting.

There are many new publications that teach drawing, but “How to Draw What You See” is a timeless classic that teaches the basics of drawing everything from landscapes and still life to composition and perspective, as well as lighting and use of materials.

How to Draw What You See by Rudy De Reyna

How to Draw What You See” by Rudy De Reyna ISBN-10: 0823023753 focuses on learning the forms that compose all shapes. Every object can be broken down into the basic geometric shapes of triangles, cones, cylinders and cubes. This is the foundation of traditional drawing, dating back centuries to the Renaissance.

Learning to build upon those shapes, a student will progress through shading and highlighting to achieve convincing, three-dimensional forms. He then advances to perspective and composition to develop a solid, successful drawing.

Bestseller’s list

Using “How To Draw What You See” takes the guesswork out of drawing, breaking it down into manageable projects, each building on the skills learned in the previous lesson. Originally published in 1970, this book lacks the polished glamour and high-resolution photography that can be found in current publications. However, this book has been on the bestseller list for years as a competent and successful instructional manual for beginning drawing. Drawing technique does not change. It is the same today as it was 40 years ago, and De Reyna’s words and examples continue to teach in a compelling and skilled manner.

Drawing what you see is a learned skill. Pre-conceived notions of what an object looks like are faulty. An artist learns to observe an object or scene, drawing as it really appears and not how he thinks it looks. This book takes the mystery out of drawing and shows that with practice and learning observational skills, a beginning art student can master the craft of drawing to become a better painter.

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