How to Decorate and Create with Spray Chalk

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Do you remember playing outdoors with a big tub of colored chalk?

You got a new container at the start of summer and had big, fun totally messing up your folk’s driveway and the sidewalks in front of your house.

However, those chalk sticks broke up easily, and you probably had a knuckle or two that had scabs and scratches from scrubbing vigorously on the cement without remembering to keep your fingers away from the driveway!

For today’s little driveway DaVinci, there’s a new type of chalk that’s great fun and easy to use for all sorts of crafts and games.

Lots Of Fun And Creativity

Of course, the kids can use the chalk to make hopscotch and four square diagrams just like we did when we were kids, but there are lots of stuff kids can do with the spray that we just couldn’t manage with our old-fashioned chalk.

With spray chalk, your kids can mark goal and boundary lines for games like football and soccer or the finish line for a race. They can jazz up the lawn with jumbo flowers or polka dots, or do a little yard decorating for upcoming holidays. This product can even be used on windows for holiday arts or messages. How fun to write Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary or Welcome Home across the entire front yard for a special celebration. Support your home team with its name or logo emblazoned on your lawn.

Spray chalk can be used on sand, snow, grass, concrete asphalt and grass, so there are limitless possibilities for artistic fun. Best of all, spray chalk can be cleaned off with a hose, or just leave it to wash away with the next rainfall.

Spray Chalk For Outdoor Creativity

Take a peek at these cool sets…

Set of Six Spray Chalks

Set of Six Spray Chalks By Hearthsong ASIN: B01F69R3QI

This set of six includes purple, green, pink, orange, yellow, and blue spray bottles of chalk paint that’s propellant-free and safe for kids.

The bottles are refillable, and they’re sized for little hands to pull the trigger easily.

Can easily “draw” large, mural-size drawings! Nice!

Testors Spray Chalk

Testors 306006 Spray Chalk, 4 Color Kit ASIN: B01HDYBMYS

Testors has been making quality paint products for years, and they’ve recently added spray chalk to their line of hobby paints.

This set of four six ounce spray cans comes in pink, blue, yellow and white and each can cover 80 linear feet.

The chalk instantly turns to powder when it’s applied to a surface, and it’s non-toxic for people, plants and pets.

Colorations Garden Stencil Set

Colorations Garden Stencils – Set of 12 ASIN: B01HZMP7H6

If your kids need a little inspiration, here’s a pack of twelve plastic stencils that can be used with spray chalk, as well as regular sidewalk chalk.

These durable, thick plastic stencils are eight inches square, and they can also be used with paint, markers or pencils on paper. The stencils are latex-free and come in assorted colors.

The designs include flower, butterfly, ladybug, centipede, bee, frog, lizard, sun, dragonfly, snail, snake and pear.

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