Holiday Gift Ideas For Artists

As the holidays roll around again, you’re probably compiling your shopping list for all your friends and relatives.

If you have any artistic friends on your list, choosing a gift of art is a perfect way to show just how much you value and encourage their talent.

Sure, you can always purchase a new brush set, a handful of paints or a year’s supply of canvas or drawing paper. However, often there are things an artist needs or wants that falls outside the realm of necessity.

Here are some great gift ideas for any visual artist that are a bit outside the ordinary. You can be sure your gift is a hit and one that’s appreciated all year long.

Smudgeguard Drawing Gloves

Whether you’re painting watercolors, using pastels or drawing, you need to protect your paper from smudging. Sure, you can lay a piece of paper over the area on which your hand rests, but it usually shifts and you need to keep moving it out of your way.

Then, you forget to keep it in place and end up transferring natural oils from your hand onto the drawing surface. One more piece of paper for the wastebasket, and you get to start all over again.

This glove is a perfect way to protect your paper and keep it pristine. The gloves can be worn on either hand, so whether you’re a righty or a lefty, you’re good to go.

Light Box

A tracing pad is a practical, easy way to transfer an image. These devices were once bulky, ungainly wooden frames that held an incandescent light bulb, which tended to have fragile glass and were unwieldy to use.

Today’s tracing pads are lightweight, thin and have variable light. The pads come in many sizes and are easy to store and use. Super-thin, you can take them anywhere, and they connect to any standard USB plug.

Wooden Mannequin

Artists need lots of practice, and figure drawing and painting is no exception. Coercing friends and relatives to pose while one practices is no easy task, and posing while one practices life drawing is a demanding and arduous chore.

Save yourself and your artistic friend from the perils of life drawing by giving them their own, personal model. They can practice their figurative painting morning, noon or night and you’ll never be asked to pose again!

Artist’s Apron

Some artists are just naturally messy. Some crafts are inherently messier than others. Regardless of the why or how, gift your untidy friend with an artist’s apron. Their wardrobe will thank you!

Art Portfolio

Whether carrying work to and from class, delivering work to a show or simply storing work safely, every artist needs an art portfolio. Available in many sizes, portfolios keep precious art safe from moisture, dirt and grubby fingers.

There are portfolios for paper work with protective sleeves to keep delicate work separate inside the case, as well as portfolios for transporting heavier canvases.

Portfolios can be canvas, vinyl, soft sided or rigid. Many have shoulder straps, as wells as handles. Some can be used as display cases for art festivals or have compartments for art supplies for plein air painting.

Artists’ Whimsical Jewelry

Maybe art supplies aren’t on your gift list this year. Jewelry is always welcome, so why not give an art-themed gift to your favorite painter?

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