Have Fun With A Tarot Deck Coloring Book

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Coloring books have become quite the fad lately. Almost everyone likes creating and being a little artistic, but not everyone has the skills, talent or time to produce their own artwork.

Coloring books are a great way for everyone to express their inner Picasso, and there are coloring books in almost any genre that interests you.

Finding A Quality Coloring Book

If you’re hunting for a great coloring book for a friend or yourself, look for a book whose pages are fairly thick. A substantial paper is imperative if you’re planning on using anything liquid. This doesn’t just mean watercolors.

Markers are liquid, and although they aren’t wet enough to cause ripples on the page, the pigment is very dense. The ink will bleed through all but the heaviest weight papers.

However, the alternative to heavy paper is that each illustration is presented on a single page. That way, if you’re using markers or other dense pigmented liquids, you won’t ruin the image on the reverse side of the sheet. Another plus to individual pages for illustrations is that you can remove the pages from the book, frame and display your finest works of art.

There’s also a wide range in the quality of the actual designs. Some coloring books include very simple, cartoonish designs while other illustrators create complex, artistic drawings you’ll spend loads of time completing. There’s no right or wrong style – whatever suits your skill and patience level is the right book for you.

Tarot Deck Coloring Book

78 Card Tarot Deck Coloring Book Paperback by Angie Green ISBN-10: 1522947663

How fun is this? Angie Green has created a coloring book based on the original 1909 Arthur Edward Waite tarot deck. If you’re not familiar with Waite’s tarot cards, the designs of this deck were substantially different from other cards of the period.

He included much of the symbolism found in other tarot card decks of the era, but he toned down the Christian metaphors and simplified the detailing. His symbolism seemed to have been inspired by the 19th century occultist and magician Eliphas Levi.

Ms. Green has recreated her own versions of these famous cards and further simplified the images. Unlike a number of other tarot card coloring books, this volume contains all 78 standard cards. The pages include the Major Arcana’s 22 cards and the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana.

If you want to recreate the color schemes used in the original decks, you could purchase a deck of the cards or a book that teaches how to read the cards. If you’re interested in learning about the meaning of the tarot, coloring and studying the cards and their symbolism is a good introduction, while the coloring itself is a fun way to relax and de-stress.

One reviewer of this book said that the simplified designs allowed her space to do Zen doodling and personalize the illustrations further. Who says a coloring book can’t be creative?

This book contains 164 pages, and each illustration is drawn on an individual page. It’s 8.5″ x 11″, so it fits perfectly in a tote bag, briefcase or backpack. Just add a set of your favorite coloring implements and you’re ready to release your artistic muse whenever the mood strikes!

Get the Tarot Deck Coloring Book HERE!

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