Glitter Paints Add Highlights And Fun

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There is a time and place for everything, and that includes a little glitter and glam.

Serious and somber can be replaced in an instant with silly and sparkling, so a confident and well prepared artist is ready for the change with unconventional paints suited for just that occasion.

Glitter paints are not necessarily new.

Traditionally, artists have added crushed mica to their paint for adding sparkle to their paintings.

Manufacturers have developed acrylic paints with glitter for crafters as well as serious artists. Many well-known companies have added glitter paint to their line, and there are a number of specialty companies adding their versions of glitter paint to the growing field as well.

Brand Name Glitter Paints

Mainstream art supply companies like Holbein, Krylon, Crayola, Amaco, Daniel Smith and Daler-Rowney all have entries in this festive line of paint products. Some of these paints are liquid acrylic and painted with a brush, while others are spray paints or even finger-paints.


Well-known paint manufacturer, Holbein, has been producing artist’s paints for over 80 years. They have added a short line of translucent acrylic glitter paints that are packaged in squeezable plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are perfect for small hands and are spill proof. The eight-color line includes soft pastels, as well as silver, gold and crystal hues.


Crayola Glitter Color Paints are perfect for young artists, and with Crayola’s reputation for quality children’s products, it is a name you can trust. The tubes are drip-proof, and the paint dries quickly so your little Picasso won’t have smudges or smears on his masterpiece.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith has a line of luminescent watercolors that add shimmering highlights to an aqua-media artist’s work. The Extra Fine Watercolor Pearlescent and Iridescent colors come in 15 ml tubes, which blend well with any watercolor to add sparkle and extra life to a painting. These paints are for the serious artist who wishes to add some extra punch to his water media painting without overpowering the work. The subtle sheen is a fun addition to bring sparkling highlights to water scenes, fantasy paintings or to brighten an otherwise dull passage in a piece.


Daler-Rowney has been producing paints since 1783. Times have changed, and Daler-Rowney has added their Acrylic Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Artist’s Inks to the line of fine artist’s materials. This acrylic-based ink is packaged in one-ounce or six-ounce glass bottles. The eyedropper lid is perfectly suited for dripping ink in a controlled fashion or for filling a small palette cup. The liquid works well for brushwork and hand-dipped ink pens. The large size pigment makes it unsuitable for mechanical pens or airbrush work, but is great for adding highlights with standard brushes or quill pens. There is a large range of colors, including black and metallic hues that blend well with other acrylic mediums.


Krylon products were introduced in 1947, and the company continues to be the leading manufacturer of aerosol paint products in the world. Their Krylon Glitter Blast is a line of 13 colors and metallics, suitable for use on almost all surfaces, including Styrofoam. It is acid free for use with archival surfaces and has superior adhesion qualities for use on plastics. The acrylic-based paint is dry to the touch in 20 minutes and cures in 24 hours.

Niche Market Manufacturers

There are dozens of small firms that produce specialty lines of paints and art supplies. The products are often available in craft supply stores and through on-line websites. When selecting glitter paints for your crafts and paintings, make certain that the product is designed to perform the way you envision it.

Water based paints and inks may not have enough adhesive quality to hold the glitter permanently on the surface and may flake off. Acrylic based products dry to a permanent finish, which is unsuitable for face painting or finger painting. Some paints may have a corrosive effect on Styrofoam or other petroleum based products, so check with the manufacturer’s specifications or test on scrap material when in doubt.

Glitter paint is a fun and exciting concept in painting and decorating. It can be used in wild and fanciful applications or add a touch of life to an otherwise serious painting. It is a versatile product and is available in many different mediums.

Both the young and young-at-heart will enjoy playing and experimenting with this fresh and exuberant paint. Expand your horizons and brighten up your artwork with a touch of glitter and pizzazz.

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