Give Your Child The Gift Of Art

As we end the month of August, parents and kids are scrambling to get ready for the upcoming school year. With new shoes and clothing to buy, lists of mandatory school supplies to stock up on and the usual excitement of starting the new school year, your time is precious. It just doesn’t seem like it was quite as frenzied back in my school days. Thank goodness for selective memory!

If your child is interested in art and wants to learn how to paint, there are zillions of products from which to choose. If your budding Picasso is unsure which medium to start his career, you can place a single order and get everything your child needs to start flinging paint.

Save yourself time, money and angst with an all-in-one set of products that will keep any potential artist busy for the entire school year.

Artist In A Box – Or Two

US Art Supply 133pc Deluxe Artist Painting Set ASIN: B00QQUUJCC

In just a matter of moments, your child’s complete art kit can be on its way. All your child adds is imagination, and he’s ready to begin a new hobby that can last a lifetime.

Everything You Need

This set contains so much equipment and supplies; you won’t need to spend another cent for a good, long while. Not only do you receive the paints, supports and brushes for the major three paint types, you also get a floor model easel and a desktop easel with a drawer to hold all your paints.

Here’s a rundown of what your beginning artist will receive:


  • Black Pismo Aluminum Field Easel – adjust for floor or table use and folds up for storage with the included case
  • Solana Adjustable Wood Desk Easel – a drawer for storing paints and brushes and adjusts to four positions


  • 15 Piece Multipurpose Brush Set
  • 7 Piece Nylon Watercolor Brush Set
  • 12 Piece Nylon Short Handle Oil And Acrylic Brush Set


  • 24 – 12ml Acrylic Paint Tubes
  • 24 – 12ml Oil Paint Tubes
  • 24 – 12ml Watercolor Paint Tubes
  • 10 Well Plastic Paint Mixing Tray
  • Color Mixing Wheel


  • 12 Sheets – 9″ x 12″ Spiral Bound Acrylic Painting Pad 400GLb
  • 15 Sheets – 9″ x 12″ Oil Painting Pad 190Lb
  • 12 Sheets – 9″ x 12″ Watercolor Pad 300Lb
  • 30 Sheets – 5.5″ x 8.5″ Spiral Bound Sketch Pad 160Lb
  • 6 Piece – 8″ x 10″ Professional Quality Canvas Panels
  • 2 Piece – 11″ x 14″ Professional Quality Stretched Canvas

Add An Instruction Book, And You’re Good To Go

The only thing this set doesn’t provide is an instruction guide. There are loads of beginner’s instructions, but here’s one you might want to consider.

The Beginners Guide To Painting: An Introduction To Watercolor, Oil And Acrylic Painting by Art Scott ASIN: B01D8ZL03E

The nice thing about this book is that includes all three types of paints, and gives you loads of techniques, accessory suggestions, tips and tricks. It’s also available as either a paperback or a Kindle book.

In this introduction to the three major art paints, you’ll find tons of useful information that can help you decide which type of painting method to try out.

The book also includes lots of information on paint qualities, supports, techniques, setting up your painting space, how to choose and use different types of brushes and loads of tips and tricks on how to make your paintings interesting and unique.

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