Get Up Off Your Rear And Start Painting!

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I’m one of those people who really like big projects.

I enjoy immersing myself into all the stages of a project from the conception and research to the execution and completion.

I can spend untold hours tweaking, refining and agonizing over every little detail.

However, when it comes to painting, this personal characteristic makes it very difficult to complete a lot of work. I’ve also found that if I can’t devote a big chunk of time to painting, I tend to put it off. I reason that it’s just not worth it to paint for a mere hour or two.

The bottom line is that I’m not a very prolific painter. That’s why I’m so excited about Carol Marine’s book. Daily Painting provides a blueprint for becoming more productive, creative and profitable.

Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist by Carol Marine ISBN-10: 0770435335

Ms. Marine explains the premise of her book this way:

“Painting small and often gave me the freedom to experiment – every day I got to start on an entirely new project. No longer did I feel overwhelmed by the large number of things I wanted to paint – I could do them all. And I could do each one fifty different ways (or more)! If one subject or one style didn’t quite work out, well, I didn’t sweat it. I had only invested part of a day’s worth of work on it, after all.

My fear of failing disappeared – well, almost. Probably a little fear is good for us. I do know I was no longer making excuses not to paint, and I woke up every morning genuinely excited and eager to get into the studio. My depression was gone.”

Isn’t that a great attitude to have? With this book and a little dedication, you can shape the way you approach your art and develop a whole new mindset.

What’s Inside?

Daily Painting by Carol Marine is filled from beginning to end with advice, tips and specific techniques for creating paintings that are successful and a lifestyle that embraces your art. The chapters include:

  • How Daily Painting Changed My Life (and can change yours too)
  • My Materials
  • Subject Matters
  • Value
  • Color Mixing
  • Drawing And Proportion
  • Composition
  • Staying Fresh And Loose With Oil
  • Fighting Artist’s Block
  • How To Photograph And Edit Small Paintings
  • Tips for Better Online Sales

As you can see, this book covers not only how to change your life in art, but it instructs you in the basics of painting. Ms. Marine also shows you how to sell your art successfully and the necessary mechanics needed to accomplish this feat.

Insights From Other Artists

Daily Painting also includes the work of numerous other daily painters. It’s filled with various artist’s words and paintings; their approach to daily painting and how they’ve succeeded in invigorating and expanding their success as professional artists.

If there’s one book you should add to your artist’s bookshelf, this is it. You’ll find inspiration, encouragement and a whole new way of looking at your art. It’s a book you’ll return to time and time again.

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