Fun Coloring Sticker Projects For Kids

Kids just love stickers; you need an almost never-ending supply to keep up with them.

Kids love to color; just give them some paper and colored pencils or crayons and they’ll happily remain occupied for a good long while.

Fortunately, for all you parents out there, Design Originals has come up with a great solution that kids as well as grown-ups will enjoy. This publishing firm has produced a line of color-your-own sticker books with all sorts of themes.

From Mandalas and flowers to zoo animals and elements from nature, you’ll find hundreds of stickers just waiting for paint, marker, crayon or colored pencil.

Grown-ups who enjoy coloring or scrapbooking will find these sticker coloring books great fun too! The stickers can be used to embellish scrapbook pages, to decorate gifts, cards and to personalize all sorts of projects.

Color Your Own Stickers

Color Your Own Stickers Live, Laugh, Love: Just Color, Peel & Stick Stationery by Thaneeya McArdle ISBN-10: 1497200512

Thaneeya McArdle’s contribution to this series of sticker coloring books is an assortment of images. Flowers, birds, mustaches, mandalas, butterflies, leaves and bowler hats are just some of the 100-plus images you and your kids will enjoy coloring.

The images vary in size and are printed on high-quality adhesive-backed art paper. This paper is sturdy enough to accept any type of medium. Watercolors, markers, crayons, glitter pens, gel pens and colored inks all work well with the paper. The completed stickers peel off the adhesive backing easily and adhere to any dry, flat surface.

Mini Art Lesson And Tips Included

This book isn’t just black and white line drawings. There are also several pages of instruction and tips that explain and encourage young artists. A brief synopsis of the color wheel is incorporated into the book and explains primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

This section also shows a few ways of applying color to the paper. How to build up color density and how to add shading are two examples covered.

The following section describes what a color palette is and shows a number of good combinations that can help a beginner decide what colors to use for moods.

Following that is a section on crafting tips and different ways to use and preserve your stickers. There are ideas for personalizing your stickers and tips for various ways to re-purpose them by cutting them into individual components and using them in tandem with other stickers.

Finally, there are a bunch of projects displayed in the gallery section. These completed projects are a good way to get fresh ideas on how to use stickers in unexpected and fun ways.

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