Fall Kid Crafts With Paper Mache

Fall is knocking, and you know what that means, right?

It’s Halloween, and it’s time for the kids to start making decorations. One tried and true craft kids love is paper Mache.

But what a mess it makes! Floors, counters, kids, walls and every nearby object is a prime target for the sticky, wet goop.

Here’s a great alternative that keeps your craft area clean and all the kids busy: Paper Mache Pumpkins that are ready-made for decorating with your favorite paints and embellishments.

Paper Mache Pumpkins

6 Ready To Decorate Paper Mache Pumpkins ASIN: B00ELVDV6O

Factory Direct Craft has just made paper Mache crafting so much easier! This set of 6 ready-to-paint pumpkins is great for creative kids who are ready to decorate for fall and Halloween.

At approximately three inches in diameter, these charming miniature pumpkins can be painted, embellished and used for decorating any room in your home. Realistically shaped, they can be added to a table centerpiece, fall wreath or piled in a basket with gourds and fall foliage.

Crafting Fun For A Halloween Party

If you’re hosting a Halloween party for the kids, decorating pumpkins is a great group activity for your child’s guests. Provide pumpkins, paints, glitter, glue and an assortment of cute embellishments.

Each child can decorate his or her own pumpkin and take it home as a favor. Markers, crayons, felt and lace scraps, as well as fabrics and glitter are all perfect for embellishing paper Mache.

If the weather is fine, set up a craft area in the garage or patio to keep messes at a minimum. When crafting inside, cover the floor with cardboard and tape newsprint or craft paper to the work surface.

Provide inexpensive aprons to protect clothing and make sure to use water soluble, non-toxic paints and glues. This is one project you’ll want to monitor, so be ready to have fun helping kids complete their projects and keep the mess contained.

Fun For Grown-Ups Too!

If you’re in a creative mode, decorate pumpkins to dress up your dining table or mantle piece. Use stains, whitewash or acrylic paints to create custom colored pumpkins that blend with your fall decor.

Bedeck whitewashed pumpkins with lace edging for an elegant look or throw caution to the wind and create glitter-covered gourds to mound in a glass centerpiece.

Use gold, bronze or silver paints to create a glowing, metallic luster, and apply a wipe-off brown or black stain to give the surfaces a patina.

Paper Mache figures can be used for years. Applying a polyurethane coating can add a water resistant coating that allows you to clean and dust your figurines safely. Polyurethane is available in both can and spray formulations and comes in flat, satin and high gloss finishes.

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