Face Painting Fun For Halloween

Face paint is a fun way to complete your child’s Halloween costume, and it ensures your little one has unrestricted sight while he’s out trick or treating.

It’s also a great activity for older kids; they can do their own painting or paint each other’s faces.

You may want to get in on the fun as well with your own unique painted creation!

Halloween Party Activity

Depending on the age of the participants at your Halloween party, you may want to include face painting as one of your party activities. Older kids can paint their own spooky creations, while adults can paint younger children’s faces.

Just make sure to provide a well-covered mess-proof area with lots of paints, sponges, brushes and clean-up supplies. Award prizes for spookiest, most adorable, most realistic and other categories, so each child goes home with a treat.

What Kind Of Paint Is Safe For Face Painting?

There are specific paints that are non-toxic and are created especially for use on the skin. Don’t use artist’s acrylics or other types of paints. There are lots of paint kits available, from inexpensive single use kits to more costly, full-color palettes with loads of colors.

Face paint is made of cosmetic grade ingredients that are safe to use on your skin and are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe for all skin. The pigments are food-grade quality and all ingredients are FDA approved.

Oil Base Versus Water Base Paints

Body paint is available in both water and oil base versions. Both are suitable for face painting, but there are differences of which you should be aware before making your selection.

Oil base paint is thick and heavy for good coverage. It’s removed with an oil-based cleanser or cold cream, followed with soap and water. It is available in pots, tubes and sticks, so you can choose they type that works best for you.

Because of its oil foundation, it doesn’t dry completely and can smear. If your children are young and may unthinkingly rub their faces, oil base face paint may not be the choice for you.

Water base face paint can be thinned to the preferred consistency with water, so you can achieve the coverage and texture you prefer. It dries completely, so there’s less chance of smearing, and it’s easy to wash off with water. It’s available in tubes, pots and even sticks to suit everyone’s style of painting.

Face Painting Supplies

Along with your basic paint, you may want to pick up a few other items to include in your bag of tricks.

You’ll need a variety of brushes. Choose only soft, natural or synthetic bristles in sizes to do both broad strokes and thin-line detailing.

Sponges are always useful for applying paint, blending it and removing it. Round, as well as pointed sponges can be used in lots of applications.

Q-tips are another item that may be used to blend, add or remove paint. You may find that your fingers do the job in some cases, especially if you’re using thick, heavy covering oil-based cream paints.

Stencils are great to lay in a shape quickly. They’re available in loads of categories like flowers, stars, butterflies, bugs and all sorts of characters.

Glitter is a fun finishing touch to add shimmer to your creation. Make sure you purchase glitter that’s specially made for face painting; it’s available in lots of colors.

Applying Face Paint

Depending on what you’re painting, you may use a sponge or brush to apply the paint. For covering a large area, perhaps as a base color over most of the face, a sponge works quickly and provides consistent coverage. If you’re using templates, it’s easy to dab the paint into the stencil with a sponge.

For freehand painting, drawing outlines and details, brushes give you more control. You can use any size of brush that’s comfortable, but make sure you use soft bristles that don’t poke delicate skin.

Have fun this Halloween with face painting – it could become a holiday favorite and an activity the kids will look forward to year after year!

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Cheers! :)

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