Fabric Paint Projects For The Whole Family

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With winter well upon us, there’s more time spent hunkering down where it’s nice and cozy and less time venturing outdoors.

If you’re looking for a creative indoor project that’s perfect for the entire family, fabric paints could be a strong contender.

It doesn’t matter whether you have little ones who need help, older kids who just need direction or experienced crafters who are ready to tackle a new medium. Fabric paints, dyes, and markers are ideal for loads of creative crafting, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get started.

Project Ideas

You can start out with piece of fabric that you can make into anything you want, or you can begin with a pre-made item to save time and effort.

Painting a silk scarf is a very popular way of getting started with wearable art, but you can add designs and color to just about any ready-made garment.

A cute saying and graphic on a baby’s onesie is an easy and appreciated baby shower gift. Personalized t-shirts for family reunions or group functions are practical and inexpensive.

Decorate a useful canvas tote bag for a knitter-on-the-go, as an eco-friendly shopping bag or as a colorful and eclectic beach bag. Add a stylish monogram to a ready-made pillow for a wedding gift the couple will enjoy for years, or put that monogram on a beautiful linen table runner or napkin set.

Little ones can do hand stamps to decorate Grandma’s new apron, or they can embellish a wall hanging with their own names and colorful drawings. Decorating a t-shirt with an original drawing makes any shirt special.

Older kids may enjoy decorating tennis shoes or other accessories, while they show off their own personal style and artistic ability. Stenciling ready-made drapes, shower curtains, bed ensembles and even floor mats are easy and effective ways to add an artistic touch to any room in the house.

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Kits

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Kits ASIN: B00DV930EA

Tulip has been making crafting paints and products for years, so you can rely on their products for quality at a reasonable price. This opaque paint dries soft and flexible, so it’s perfect for apparel as well as decorating fabric items like tote bags, canvas shoes and other fabric items.

This package of 10 one-ounce plastic bottles includes Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black and White. Water-based and permanent, the paint is machine washable when the project has dried and may be applied with sponge, brush or stencils.

Crafts 4 All Textile Paint Set

Crafts 4 All Textile Paint Set ASIN: B01G4EOXZI

This set of 24 bright and bold colors comes ready to use in plastic squeeze bottles. The small tip opening creates a fine line, so it’s easy to create letters and outlines.

The 3-D paint creates a raised surface when use at full strength and is opaque for use on all both light and dark surfaces. Odorless and non-toxic, the paint is washable when dry and will not peel or crack.

Crafts 4 All Permanent Fabric Marker Set

Crafts 4 All Permanent Fabric Marker Set ASIN: B01C1LF7VM

Crafts 4 All permanent fabric markers come in a set of 12 vibrant colors including black, brown, mint green, azalea purple, lemon yellow, grey, vivid green, carmine red, deep violet, sky blue, brilliant blue and orange.

These pens are double-ended with a fine point marker for outlines, writing and detail work, while the chisel end is perfect for filling in large areas and calligraphic lettering. The paint heat-sets by pressing with a hot iron to make your work permanent and washable.

Tips For Painting On Fabric

You’ll love these great tips and tricks…

Which Fabric Is Best For Painting?

Since synthetic fabrics may absorb paint unevenly, it’s best to use natural fibers like cotton, rayon or silk. However, if you want to use a polyester or nylon blend, test a scrap to see how well the paint reacts with the cloth.

Should I Pre-Wash Fabric Before Painting?

Yes! If the item will be laundered, this ensures the fabric is pre-shrunk. This is especially important when making things to a specific size. Also, most commercial fabrics are manufactured with sizing to give the cloth a crisp, fresh look. This sizing can affect the paint adhesion to the fibers of the fabric. Wash and dry the fabric, but don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

What Can I Use To Paint?

You can use any soft to medium bristle brush, depending on the thickness of the paint. This paint is basically acrylic, so it can be cleaned from your tools with water while it is wet. Don’t let the paint dry on the bristles, or you’ve pretty much ruined it.

You can also use sponges to daub paint on your surface. This is especially useful if you’re doing stencils. You can also use the paint to stamp on the fabric. Simply apply the paint to your stamp and press it firmly onto the surface to create a mono-print.

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