Essential Books for the Glass Painter

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When you speak of painting on glass, you really are talking about a number of materials and types of paints.

Painting on ceramics has been done for thousands of years.

Cookware, dinnerware, storage containers and decorative products have been created using high temperature kilns to melt paint and incorporate it into the surface of the clay.

Today, technology has produced some great products that the average crafter can use without the cost of an expensive kiln or other pricey investments.

There is a whole range of paints and products you can use right in your own home. The kitchen oven is now the kiln, and there are also paints that require no baking.

We’ve compiled a short list of books you will certainly find helpful in adding a new creative facet to your busy artistic life. These crafts can be fun, family oriented projects, or a nice way to make personalized gifts for everyone on your holiday list.

Gorgeous Glass

Gorgeous Glass: 20 Sparkling Ideas For Painting On Glass & China by Arlene S Gillen ISBN-10: 1600610064

This is a great book for beginners that includes a complete material and supply list and hundreds of great, full color pictures. Ms. Gillen shows how to load a brush with two colors and then make a single brush stroke to create leaves, flower petals and shade objects like fruit.

Photographs show the various brushes and paint products she recommends and gives advice on paints and tools. She even shows the difference between a ‘puddle,’ a ‘touch’ and a ‘speck’ of paint. There are templates that can be photocopied and cut out for your own use.

The step-by-step illustrated instructions will have you painting everything in your cupboard with great, colorful results.

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Painting On Glass & Ceramic

Painting On Glass & Ceramic by Karen Embry ASIN: B003E7EV42

If you draw a blank when it comes to thinking up cute and clever designs, Karen Embry has a wealth of full-size traceable patterns to help you break through your artistic block. She also provides step-by-step instructions for a variety of plates, glassware and serving pieces.

After discussing the types and sizes of brushes to use and suggestions on paints and other supplies, Ms. Embry provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how to transfer your project to your piece. She also explains what products work best with different surfaces and demonstrates how to do stenciling, stamping, sponging and reverse painting.

Although the book focuses mainly on paint projects for the home hobbyist, she also has a chapter on underglazing greenware, which is fired in a professional kiln.

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Reverse Glass Painting

Reverse Glass Painting: Tips, Tools And Techniques For Learning The Craft by Anne Dimock ISBN-10: 0811705226

This craft has been around for hundreds of years and is an interesting hobby that crafters use to create beautiful decorations for their home. Using colorful photographs, Reverse Glass Painting gives a beautifully illustrated brief history of this craft and goes on to provide 14 projects to create your own future heirlooms.

Ms. Dimock provides lists of the necessary tools and supplies and then continues with basic techniques to create your own painting. If you’re a history buff and would like more in-depth information on this charming craft, the book includes a bibliography of references.

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The Glass Painting Book

The Glass Painting Book by Jane Dunsterville ISBN-10: 0715316117

Ms. Dunsterville has laid out an easy-to-follow guide for beginning glass painting. She focuses on faux stained glass design to create attractive and inexpensive home decorating pieces and giftware. She covers materials and equipment, basic techniques, color sense, special techniques, working with plastics, trouble shooting and includes a buyer’s guide of products and resources.

You don’t need to be artistic, as this book includes templates for many designs that can be copied, reduced or enlarged and used to decorate glassware, plates, storage containers, mirrors or any other glass or plastic surface.

The instructions take you from start to finish and the book includes many beautiful photographs to illustrate how to complete your piece.

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Glass Painting In An Afternoon

Glass Painting In An Afternoon by Mickey Baskett ISBN-10: 0806922990

If you want to try your hand at decorating glass with paint, this is a book to add to your collection of craft instructions. With 35 projects from which to choose, Ms. Baskett makes it easy to adorn any mug, bottle, glass, plate or tile.

Glass Painting In An Afternoon provides simple designs, detailed instructions and tips on different brush strokes. It includes paint application techniques such as sponging and textural effects. Ms. Baskett provides photographs that illustrate the color combinations she uses and groups her projects by type.

This classic craft instruction book also includes lists of materials and supplies, as well as modern, traditional and stenciled designs that can be used in a variety of projects.

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